Who Doesn’t Love Roses In The Garden

18 Apr 2022

Here in the UK, we love roses. We give roses to those that we love, we have pictures of roses in our homes, and some even have roses on their wallpaper. So why not make the most of your love of roses and grow them in the garden?

Types Of Roses

Roses are roses, right? Well, actually this isn’t quite accurate. There are over 150 types of roses, with 1000’s of rose hybrids available. So which types of rose are more commonly found in your typical English garden?
Of course, the most common in the UK is the English Rose. This stunning rose is recognisable from its full shape on a nice shrub. While they aren’t the rose you’d find in a bouquet, they certainly are a stunning addition to your garden.
We then have climbing roses. These fabulous roses have the wonderful ability to scale fences, trellis and obelisks creating a wall of roses that frames a garden nicely.
One of the most forgotten types of rose is the rose tree. This is a fantastic way to add height to your borders and make your roses stand out from the crowd.
And the smallest of our favourites is the patio rose. This smaller rose looks absolutely stunning in a nice little pot on the patio, or as a low level rose in the border.

When To Plant Roses

With so many varieties of roses, there would be no right answer here. However, when broken down into two main groups of roses that you can purchase, we can offer better advice.
Firstly, if you are purchasing bare-root roses, then the best time of year for this is in the autumn when the leaves start to fall, or the ear;y spring, before growth restarts. While this may not give you instant colour, once they are embedded and start to bloom, they will look wonderful in the garden and offer year on year colour.
Secondly, you have planter or container-grown roses. This type of rose can be planted at any time of year, provided that the ground it neither too dry or frozen, such as the midst of winter or the height of summer. This option offers for instant colour and blooms. Remember not to take this for granted though and care well for your new roses.

Planting Tips

As there are so many different varieties of roses available, they each have varying care and planting needs, such as those that will live in containers, will need far different planting care than climbers, or even shrubs.
Here at Abingdons, we are on hand to help you plant up your stunning new roses where required. If you are looking for a bit of advice, give us a call and we will help where we can. Alternatively, our favourite roses are the David Austin Roses, where they have a planting help guide for each type of rose, not to mention stunning roses.

Rose Aftercare

As we have already mentioned, each type of rose will need slightly different care. However, there are a few things that will be beneficial to most, if not all types of roses that are readily available here in the UK.
Most roses thrive in full sun, so where possible, plant them where they will be in as much sun as possible. Those that are in pots, can be moved to suit the time of year.
Roses require rich, moist but well-drained soil. This means that if you have clay-based soil, you might want to swap it out for a nice feeder soil to get the most out of your roses. This also includes watering your roses regularly, so that they stay moist, but ensure that they are not waterlogged.
Roses are hungry plants. Mulch annually with organic matter such as well-rotted animal manure, and consider using a rose feed to promote flowering in summer.
Prune roses annually to promote healthy growth, control the shape and encourage flowering.

If you require assistance with your roses, or if you would like to discuss incorporating them into your garden design in Radley, please get in touch with the team today who will be happy to discuss this with you.

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