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When is the Best Time for Re-Turfing Lawns?

02 Aug 2019

We’ve had some very big contrasts in the weather this summer. Has the heatwave scorched your lawn? Did the storms and torrential downpours which followed turn your lawn into a spongy quagmire? There’s no doubt that the swings in weather conditions associated with climate change are presenting challenges to gardeners and homeowners. But before you rush out and try to restore your grass, hang on! August is not the best time of year for re-turfing, for optimum results this work is best carried out in the Autumn.

Re-Turfing and Lawn Transformations by Abingdon’s Complete Garden Services

Re-turfing is best done in mid Autumn and can be carried out through to late winter, providing the ground is not overly wet or covered in frost. Turf needs a little time to establish itself so laying rolls and sections during a cooler and more moderate time of year will give the root systems time to become fixed into the soil below.
Re-turfing in Spring often requires regular watering otherwise your new lawn will dry out and the summer months will require more attention. Mowing grass at this time and dry soil can damage the turf too, before it has had chance to root properly. In these times of environmental awareness limiting water usage and adopting responsible gardening techniques will create spaces which are good for everyone while protecting our climate and planet for generations.

Re-Turfing and Garden Maintenance by Abingdon’s Complete Garden Services

Abingdon’s Complete Garden Services deliver just that. An all round garden creation and maintenance service from the initial landscaping design and concept, to implementation, re-turfing, and upkeep. We love to make and maintain outdoor spaces which you can enjoy, relax and entertain in all year round.

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