What Does Landscape Redesign Include?

04 Oct 2021

When you hear the words landscape design, you might be thinking this is something on a larger scale. However, this also includes the landscape of your garden, no matter how small that may be. So what does landscape design or redesign mean for you?

Landscape Design

Landscape design is the process of taking an empty space and completely turning it around so that it includes all the features you are looking for, in one, grand space.
The process usually starts with measurements of the space, a list of all the key elements desired, and a sketch. To start, this sketch will usually include all the features that are currently in the space that arent moveable, along with the features that you want to keep, such as trees or favourite plants. We can then take the list of wanted key features and start adding them to the design. Usually, this will be so that they all tie in together and form an attractive space rather than all thrown in.
Should there be any gaps left in the design, we can then fill these in with complimenting features. Perhaps a few little flowers here and there.

Out With The Old

Your garden will start to look much worse before it can look better. For a complete overhaul, we usually have to dig out everything. Leaving no stone unturned and no leaf untouched. Typically you will find that your garden will look like one big dirt patch before any design starts to take shape.
This process can sometimes seem a little daunting, however, it gives us the chance to remove all old roots, bulbs and anything untoward that you do not want amongst your new garden. It’s nothing to worry about.

In With The New

Once we have a blank canvas to work with, we can start adding key features back in. Sometimes at this stage, we might look at making alterations to the original design. This is simply as things start to be added, they may not suit the space as well as in the design.
You may also find yourself looking out of the window and not liking the position of features. We often find this with the likes of trees and large bushes. Making the decision to move these at this stage is much easier than later down the line, as other things can be moved to refill the space.

The Final Reveal

Once we have perfectly positioned everything in your garden, and everything is planted nicely, you can come and have a good look around your new landscaped garden.
We can walk you around all of your new features, tell you some great pieces of information about your new plants, and even give you tips on the upkeep, ensuring that your garden can continue to grow beautifully.


While many people will happily continue to look after their new landscaped gardens, others may want a little help from time to time. Here at Abingdons, we not only offer complete landscaping services, but we also help our customers with regular garden maintenance or simply one-off maintenance as and when it is needed.
So if you are looking at your new garden, wondering how much upkeep it will need, just ask us what maintenance we can assist you with. We are always happy to help.

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