Time For A New Fence?

06 Sep 2021

Is your fence starting to look a little tatty this September? Have you noticed that it’s not looking as stable as it was, once upon a fence? Now might be the ideal time to get looking into a new fence.

Fencing In Autumn

Many people will consider swapping out their fencing in the spring, or at the start of the summer, so that when they are sitting in the garden they can enjoy a new fence. However, have you taken the weather in the autumn and winter into consideration when it comes to the stability of your current fencing?
The weather we expect to start seeing includes heavy rainfall and strong winds. This means that if your fence is starting to look a bit worse for wear, or becoming fragile, it may not last through the bad weather. If you have pets, small children, or require a secure garden, it may be worth looking into a new fence before winter.

Weatherproofing Fencing

Most fence panels are not sold as having been weatherproofed. This, unfortunately, means that we have to weatherproof them before the rain penetrates. Once the wood is saturated, it can take a while to dry out thoroughly. Meaning that if we weatherproof the wood while still moist, we trap the moisture in and the wood can rot from the inside.
For the most part, we can treat your fence as soon as it has been installed. However, if you have the space in a garage, shed, or greenhouse to treat your wood before installation, this will help to ensure we can fit your fence, even if there is a chance of rain, without the worry of moisture penetrating.
Head over to your local hardware store to find the best paint for your new fence. Alternatively get in touch with the team who can help to advise you on the best we have found over the years.

Secure Fencing

Security is increasing in importance for our gardens. With more and more money being spent on garden furniture, tools and ornaments, it’s time to make your investment that touch more secure.
When investing in new fencing to increase security, this is one of those times where you do get what you pay for. Meaning that by spending that little more on high-quality fencing it will be better built and more sturdy. Investing in concrete fence boasts will again improve the security.

Stylish Fencing

If you are looking at having a more stylish fence installed, there are many options available from local garden centres and hardware stores. Not to mention online. With such a variety of options, you can either start looking with an idea in mind, helping to narrow down your choices. Or you can go in completely open-minded and find the one that catches your eye the best. Whichever you opt for, ensure that it will suit your garden, and offer the appropriate security or privacy that you need. Some stylish fences have increased gaps in, which means that you can see through it better, or smaller pets can break free.

If you are interested in having your new fence installed by the team here at Abingdons, please get in touch today and we will be happy to arrange this for you. We can also help you to calculate the right number of fence panels and posts if you are changing from the standard fence panel size that is currently in your garden.
For other general garden ideas and maintenance, head over to our blogs where you can find regular updates and information.

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