Time For A New Fence In Radley

14 Feb 2022

Our fences help to protect our gardens from more than just outside intruders. They also offer protection from the elements to parts of our garden. During the wind, they take a battering, during the rain, they get soaked, and during the sun, they get baked.
We owe a lot to our fences, so have you taken a good look at your fence recently and thought how tired it looks? If you have, great, you’ve already realised it’s time for a re-fresh. If not, go and take a good look at your fence and make sure it’s still as healthy as when it was installed.

How Long Does A Fence Last?

There is no one answer for how long a fence lasts. It is all dependent on a vast array of factors.
If you live in an area where there is a greater amount of rainfall, there will be a higher chance of your fence absorbing that moisture, even when it has a water-resistant coating on it. In areas where the sun is strong the wood will be bleached much quicker, which can lead to it being too dried out and lead to cracking.
A well cared for and regularly treated fence can last over 20 years, and even up to 30. However, a poorly installed and unmaintained fence can last as little as 5 years.

Installing A New Fence

When you look at installing a new fence, look closely at what you are looking to achieve from your new fence. Many people simply want to swap old fence panels out for new ones, however, this isn’t always a great idea.
If your existing fence has wooden fence posts, it’s highly likely that these will need replacing too. We often recommend looking at concrete posts instead for a number of reasons. This includes increased stability in bad weather, improved security when the fence panels fit appropriately and longer lifespans.

Maintaining Your New Fence

A new fence looks great in the short term, however, if you don’t keep up with regular maintenance then it can be quick to sercombe to the weather around it.
Once your fence is installed, you will want to treat it to a weather-resistant coating, even if the fence advises that it already has one. This can be coloured garden paints, fence stains or even sealants, each has been designed to protect the wood.


While we love the appearance of climbers on fences and can understand why you would look to introduce them in your garden, we also have to advise against them on your new fence.
Climbers, by nature, attach themselves to the surface they are climbing up. With fences, this means that they can alter the structure and breakthrough the panels. It also means that you cannot treat them against weather, leaving them vulnerable to rot.
We recommend that you invest in trellis to allow your climbers to have a nice place to grow, without jeopardising your fence.

If you are looking for a new fence in Abingdon, or a new fence in Radley, contact the team today and we will get you booked in for your complete new fence installation.

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