Things To Do In Your Garden In May

Things To Do In The Garden In May

15 May 2020

May has arrived and we are well into Spring. The sun has started to shine more, warming up the soil and encouraging little shoots to turn into blooming flowers. And our gardens are most likely teeming with wildlife, from busy bees to energetic birds. What a wonderful time of year we find ourselves in. Even in the wake of the current circumstances, it is hard not to appreciate the wonders of nature and how privileged we are to live amongst it.

Gardening Jobs For May

If the lovely weather has got you chomping at the bit to get stuck into a bit of gardening, this blog will give you a few hints and tips to help you along the way.

Create A Stunning Display With Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets are an easy, low maintenance way to decorate the exterior of your home to great effect. And now is the perfect time to make them! Bring a splash of colour and freshness from your porch to your pergola by filling your hanging baskets with geranium, verbena and petunia! Just be sure to water them every day to keep them looking the very best they can and take care to remove faded flowers to encourage new blooms and keep them tidy.

Things To Do In Your Garden In May

Grow Your Own

If the stay-at-home period has got you cooking more, May is the perfect month for starting your own little vegetable garden. At the moment, vegetables like broad beans, runner beans, peas, onions, garlic, carrots and leeks are the perfect pick. And with a bit of love, care and water you’ll be creating summer salads right up until winter!

If you have a greenhouse, you could extend your haul to planting cucumbers, tomatoes, courgettes and sweet peppers. Best wait until the risk of late frost has passed before you pop them outside though!

Feed And Weed

If you are growing plants in containers this year, feed them now to help them flourish. This is easily done by adding a sprinkle of fertiliser to the surface and using a small hand rake to work it into the topsoil. For bigger pots, you can top-dress them by removing a few centimetres of compost from the surface and replacing with new compost. Around the garden, you can also give any shrubs and roses a good feed around the base in much the same way.

In the course of your garden endeavours, you may find a few unwanted visitors in the form of weeds making their presence known. Pull these up from the roots or use a hoe to remove them where you can to avoid regrowth. Be careful not to place the remains in the compost bin!

Weeding In May

Tidy Up Time

As we hurtle headlong into the growing season, there’s plenty to be done to keep your garden in check besides weeding. You should be mowing your lawn weekly now so it stays healthy and green, and if you have any hedges then it’s time to bring the clippers out of hibernation. Just be sure to check for nesting birds before getting stuck in, as you do not want to disturb them!

Garden Maintenance With Abingdon’s Complete Garden Services

For some, general garden maintenance and planting is a simple pleasure that brings much joy. However, for others it can be a chore we don’t have time for and we’d much rather spend our precious weekends relaxing and spending time with friends and family instead.

If this is the case, and you are based in Oxfordshire, Abingdon’s Complete Garden Services can help! We provide garden maintenance services to meet your needs. Whether you’d just like us to mow your lawn while you tend to your blooms, or you’d prefer someone to take complete control over the maintenance of your garden, we take great pride in offering the very best garden maintenance services in the area at affordable prices. To find out more, or to get any further advice for garden maintenance in May, give us a call today!

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