The Gift Of Garden Landscaping

22 Nov 2021

We all know someone who has been saying that this will be the year they sort the garden out. Whether they currently have a complete jungle, or just some grass and the odd plant here and there. Is this the year they have a complete garden landscape? With a gentle nudge of course.

The Gift Of Graft

When it comes to completely overhauling your garden, we know it’s some serious hard grafting. In many cases, this is what puts people off undertaking the work themselves. They would rather just maintain the garden as it is as much as they can.
However, if you’re struggling with what to get that person (or family) this Christmas, why not offer them the gift of graft!
We often find that it’s the elderly whose gardens are gifted to them. Whether the kids, or grandkids have grouped together, it means they get the right garden for them.
Getting in touch with our team today can help to ensure that your loved one has the garden they need or want, without doing any of the hard work!
While you might not be having the final say, we can discuss with you an idea of what you think they will need or want, and get some time booked in for the new year. Allowing you to gift the receiver on Christmas day, and allow them time to make the decisions. We can then get in touch for a better idea, and to get some designs sorted ready for the grafting to begin.

Garden Landscaping

Over the years, our team have landscaped a variety of different gardens. Some have been a complete jungle, taking longer to clear than to repopulate. Where others, most of the hard work has been started and mostly cleared, but that’s where it has been left.
No matter how your garden currently looks, getting you the garden you want or need has never been easier, than calling the Abingdon’s team in. If you’re looking to treat yourself this Christmas, it can be one great weight off your shoulders, and the perfect Christmas present for the whole family.
If you have already started on clearing your garden, but decided that gardening work isn’t for you, that’s great, you’ve already saved us some time. And you will now know that you want an easy to maintain garden. Something we can certainly give you.
Take a look across your garden, and think about the features you want in your garden. We can include these into your landscaping design, ready for the work to start at your convenience.

For You, Or For Them

This Christmas season, no matter who the gift of garden landscaping is for, it’s a great way to get something that’s both needed and wanted. Not to mention something that will last many years to come with a spot of maintenance.
If you’re worried about the upkeep after we leave, why not speak to the team about some regular garden maintenance from Abingdons Complete Garden Services. There’s so much we can help you with every month.

Don’t forget, it may be winter, but we get booked up quick. So if you’re looking for some work to start sooner rather than later, get in touch with the team today. Our friendly team will be happy to get hands-on in your garden, no matter the weather. But if it’s a bit cold, a cuppa wouldn’t go amiss.
We look forward to getting to grips with your garden!

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