Summer Property Maintenance

19 Jul 2021

With lockdowns over, many people have gone back to their busy working weeks. Meaning that many of the half started DIY projects that were started are currently sitting unfinished. Or you may have noticed that those that were finished, no longer look as expertly finished as you once thought. So is it time to call in the property maintenance experts to get your home back under control?

Kitchen Adjustments

Kitchens are a big investment that we typically only make every 10 years. However, between those 10 years there are a number of adjustments that you might be itching to make to ensure that your kitchen is still in style and as practical as possible. This is where Abingdons can come in and help you make those adjustments.
There are a number of plumbing elements in your kitchen that will need attention from time to time, such as your sink, washing machine and maybe even your dishwasher. Our team are experienced in plumbing, allowing us to help you either fit these items or help to restore them back to safe working order.

Bathroom Adjustments

Alongside your kitchen, your bathroom is the next long term investment you might make. Again this is roughly every 10 years.
Your bathroom is the room most prone to dampness and mould, which means regular decorating and ventilation checks are important. Here at Abingdon’s the team are on hand to help you keep your bathroom in the best condition possible. This includes ensuring waterproofing and ventilation are adequate, this includes plastering and resurfacing your walls and installing new fans.
There is a fair amount of water that passes through our bathrooms each week so it is important to ensure that you have solid connections and no leaks. Remember one small leak can waste a lot of water; for example, one drop per minute adds up to 1440 drops per day and 34 gallons a year! Get in touch if you need a leak repairing.

Bedroom Adjustments

From light fittings to wallpaper and paint, from built-in wardrobes to freestanding units the team at Abingdon’s can help you ensure that your bedroom is a complete sanctuary ready for you to enjoy. Sometimes, just like cooking, after all the hard work is undertaken, you just don’t enjoy the space as much. Whereas calling someone in to do all the hard work means you are able to leave us to it and come back to a stunning new bedroom. You can’t ask for much more.

If you are requiring any general property maintenance not mentioned above, please get in touch with our team and we can discuss this on an individual basis with you.

For more information on our property maintenance services in Abingdon and Radley, please get in touch with a member of our team who will be happy to discuss this with you. If you are looking for garden maintenance head over to our dedicated pages or check back to our blogs for regular gardening updates and tips.

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