Summer Property Maintenance In Abingdon

10 Jul 2022

In the summer, more of us are focused outside in the garden. Making the most of the few weeks of sun that we get every year and enjoying our beautiful and maintained gardens. However, this often means that the maintenance inside the house is on the back burner until the end of the summer. So why not get a headstart at looking at property maintenance while you are outside enjoying the sun?

Change Of Colour

Summer is the best time to get new colours on the walls inside your house. While you might not be spending so much time in there, the warmth will help the walls to dry quickly and evenly. It also allows for any furniture that needs to be removed to be placed outside while painting is undertaken.
Painting with natural light typically offers a smoother coverage, which is why our team would prefer to pain during the height of the day, than in the winter when it starts to turn dark early.


If you are looking to have work done on your electrics, whether it be fresh lighting or new plug sockets there will always be the requirement to turn off at least some of the power, if not all. While our experts have the facilities to bring their own work lights that will not require mains power, it is always quicker and easier to complete work in natural light.
This allows for the team to work and move around without having to move lights to suit the task. While of course this can be done during the winter months, the summer sun lasting longer helps to make it an easier task.
Why not speak to our team about wiring in some outdoor lights and sockets, helping you to make the most of your garden in the summer warmth? Not to mention an outdoor socket makes mowing the lawn far easier!

Plumbing Tasks

In the summer, this is the ideal time to consider any plumbing work that you might need. From the repair of existing pipes to the installation of new and even the changing of radiators to something more suitable.
Having your plumbing work completed during the summer can ensure that when you need your heating and hot water the most, it will be there ready for you to use.

While we offer a number of services for property maintenance in Abingdon, there we always be things that we can offer that may not be listed on our website. If you are ever unsure, or would like to discuss your upcoming project, simply get in touch with the team today who will be happy to assist you.

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