Storm Struck Fencing

13 Dec 2021

The later part of this year has seen some serious storms. From storm Arwen to storm Barra in quick succession, it’s no wonder we have started to notice more and more fencing that has been blown out. So is it time for some new, perhaps better fitting, fencing?

Why Do Panels Blow Out?

Not everyone will have fallen victim to a down fence panel. So what is the difference between their fence and your fence that blew out? There could be a couple of issues.
Firstly, a poorly fitting fence will not withstand the strength of some of the storms we have seen recently. If your fence is flapping about within its posts, chances are, a strong gust of wind that bends the panel slightly will see it popping straight out. Similarly, if you can lift your panel in and out with ease, there is too much space between your posts. The panel should be wedged in tightly to remove the chance of movement.
Secondly, older panels that are past their best have a number of weak points. This includes rotten sections that haven’t been successfully sealed from the elements, to bracing that is no longer connected, perhaps from previous storms.

Short Term Fixes

For many of us with pets or children, the most important thing is to secure your garden and reduce the risk of damage or injury from any further fencing issues. There are a few things to can do as a short term fix, but they should be replaced as soon as possible.
IF your fence panel is in one piece and is somewhat salvageable, it was just a touch too loose, you can pop the panel back in, however, you will want to wedge it into place. This may be that in both ends to drive a wedge down the top gap to stop it wiggling. You may also need to wedge it to the side too. This will stop the panel from moving in and out in the gap. Using offcuts of wood is ideal for this. You will want to remember that the less movement in the panel, the stronger it will be.
If your fence panel is beyond saving, as many are, you need a quick temporary fix that will secure your garden. A simple, yet temporary fix is to fit chicken wire around the perimeter of your garden. Perfect if you have smaller dogs or rabbits that you need to contain.
For larger dogs, you may want to make a makeshift barricade and get your fence replaced as soon as possible.

New Fencing In Abingdon

After a good storm, the chances are a number of us will be looking at replacing our fencing entirely. So here at Abingdon’s, we have already started to receive the calls from people preparing for a new fence, post-Christmas.
A new fence has a great number of benefits, from increasing the security of your garden and home to improving the appearance of your garden. So now it’s time to consider the fence that you are wanting.
For increased levels of security, we recommend a full-sized standard fence. The added height and stability helps to keep the garden secure. Pairing this with concrete posts again increases the stability. Having this professionally installed means that the new concrete posts will be separated at the right intervals for the fence panels, allowing them to fit correctly.
If you are looking for a little more design, why not consider a fence with arched trellis at the top? It makes for a great place for climbing roses. Just remember to have a conversation with your neighbour as the roses will be on their side too!
If you are unsure as to which fencing is the right one for you, please contact the team here at Abingdons who will be able to guide you through the best options for you.

If you are interested in booking in to have your fence replaced, please contact the team as soon as possible as we aren’t getting booked up in advance. We will be able to offer further short-time solutions until we are able to come and install your fence.

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