Storage in your Garden this Winter

06 Nov 2020

Whether it’s for your garden tools, your garden furniture, or even just your cushions, storage for your garden items can be a problem when it comes to winter. You want to be able to keep everything dry and reduce the risk of mould and mildew. You might not have space in existing sheds or outdoor buildings, and you might not want to bring everything in the house for the whole of winter. So why not look into some great winter storage solutions.

The Garden Shed

So you might already have a garden shed that’s a little full. The obvious solution here is to do a clear out. Check out our blog on garden tools if you know you’re over stocked on these. Otherwise you could just do a spot of shed organisation. By investing in some storage boxes you can tidy collections of items together and stackable boxes mean that the space can go much further. In addition to boxes, you can also look at hanging tools up. Whether you have somewhere already suitable, you go out and buy a rack (or hooks) or you build your own, hanging your garden (or power) tools on walls allows you to free up valuable floor space. Just mind your head!
If you don’t have the space in your garden for a full shed, many garden centres now stock garden tool sheds. These sheds are usually only a meter square and come with a range of internal options, from empty squares, to internal racks, hooks and shelves. They are also available in a range of different colours and designs.

Storage Benches

For a useful yet practical solution to your garden storage issues you can now find garden storage benches. Similar to those that you would find inside the home, they are now readily available in waterproof garden options. Meaning that in the summer when you have those garden parties you can use them as a seat, while they are practical all year round as storage.
These are great for people who don’t have sheds as they can hold pretty much all garden tools lying down. Many people who don’t have winter pots and hanging baskets use this type of storage to house their empty pots and hangers during winter to keep the garden looking tidy and save space elsewhere.

“Inbetween” Storage

Between the size of a full shed, and a bench, there is also the midsize range of storage. Whether you prefer a wooden style (to keep in-line with standard sheds) or the more modern plastic style. These are great storage spaces for lawn mowers or garden furniture. You might find that in a shed, things end up being piled on top of these items, whereas the three-quarter height of this midsize option means that there is limited height space for this to happen (unless you count a few garden cushions).
There are also options in this range that are great to hide your wheelie bin, making your garden that little more attractive.

If you require any assistance with your garden storage, you can contact us today and we’ll be happy to discuss how we can help. If you require any garden maintenance throughout winter we are also happy to discuss this with you.

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