Spring Landscaping

05 Apr 2021

As far as the gardening calendar is concerned, spring is one of the most important times of the year, so why not make the most of the many changes you can make in the spring and go for a complete spring re-landscape.

For Spring Or Summer

When we make the most of a re-landscape this season we have to decide whether we will be starting from scratch each season, or we will be preparing for the season ahead. Here we need to take into consideration the plants we are planting and the seeds that can be sown ready for the next.
We have our firm favourites that are in bloom in spring, from our daffodils to our pansies, our crocus to our hyacinth and even our iris. So when we re-landscape, you can incorporate these straight from the garden centre, giving you that instant pop of spring colour
However, you will also need to think about anything that will need to grow in time for summer. If you aren’t ready to start your summer garden just yet, that’s no problem, we can come back in at the start of summer (or you can do this yourself) and plant your summer flowers and shrubs.

Starting From Scratch

There is a great benefit from having your garden relandscaped, and that is the ability to start from scratch. So whether you have just moved into your home and have no idea what is in the ground, or your garden has been left to get a little wild, starting again can let you decide what grows and where.
Starting from nothing allows you to pinpoint where you want to have your flower beds, your lawns, and your patios. This can include digging out your entire garden, back to basics and soil, or you can choose areas that you wish to keep intact and those you wish to do over.

The Right Space For You

Here at Abingdons, we will work closely with you to ensure that your new garden meets all your needs. From Child-friendly gardens, dog-friendly landscaping to Easy Access gardens. Make sure your new garden meets the needs of the whole family, rather than somewhere you can only admire from the window.

If you require any assistance in landscaping your garden this spring, please contact a member of our team today who will be happy to discuss this with you. We can also assist with regular garden maintenance after we have landscaped for you. You can also check out our blogs for more ideas on how we can make a change to your garden, or head over to our gallery to see some of our work.

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