Garden Maintenance in Abingdon

Spring into Garden Maintenance in Abingdon

27 Mar 2019

Garden maintenance in Abingdon isn’t complete without making sure you’ve got your bulbs planted ready to blossom in the summer.
Part of our expertise here at Abingdon Complete Gardening Service is adding plants to your garden that will create a colourful and vibrant look.

Planning Garden Maintenance in Abingdon

Timing is key with planting and our specialists know which flowers are best to plant in the Spring time. Here’s a few ideas to get your gardening brain into gear –

Cyclamen coum – Easy to grow, the Cyclamen coum are smaller but stand out due to their pink and white flowers that will spread over time.
Daphne odora – A slow growing yet wonderfully scented plant, the attractive Daphne odora can be admired all year round.
Helleborus – One of the most popular spring flowers, Helleborus offer a terrific colour variation that are easy to grow.
Iris Reticulata – Offering an intense and striking purple, Iris Reticulata are irresistible for anyone looking to add colour to their garden.

Weeding – A Vital Part of Garden Maintenance in Abingdon

Before you begin dreaming of those blossoming spring plants, we would advise getting in touch to arrange a weeding of your garden to prevent unwanted plants seeding.
Here are some of the most common weeds to look out for –

Annuals – Annuals such as hairy bittercress and chickweed have a one year life cycle which ends with them setting seeds for the next generation
Perennials – Perennials such as dandelions have a longer life cycle than a year and are best eradicated at the main root
Trees – You may not know but trees can be weeds too if they grow in unwanted places, with hollies and horse chestnuts having tough roots that are hard to dig out once established

Specialists in Garden Maintenance in Abingdon

Abingdon Complete Gardening Service have been leading the way for garden maintenance in Abingdon and throughout Oxfordshire for the past 30 years.
If you’d like to find out more about our services, please get in touch today and we will begin planning your picture perfect garden.

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