Small Garden Patios

14 Mar 2022

If you have a smaller than average garden, you usually find yourself with two main options. Turn it into one small lawn, with perhaps a thin planted border, or have a nice patio area where you can sit and enjoy eating outdoors. If you opt for a patio, you have plenty of options!

Perfect Patio

While we may all have a different idea of what the perfect patio is, when many envision the perfect patio, they consider a perfectly even ground, where you can rest a spirit level perfectly in any direction. Where the lines of the slabs are perfectly uniform, and the colour is nice and even.
It’s by no means an easy feat to get this kind of finish, particularly if the area itself is rather uneven to start with. However, if this is the kind of patio that you would like in your garden, we sure are up for the challenge. No matter how small your garden is, we can create the perfect patio to suit the space.

Designed Patios

The wonders of having a smaller garden are that you can find ready to go patios with incredible designs. From embossed designs that piece together perfectly to create a stunning 3D image, to flatter designs that look amazing from any angle.
All it takes is to fill in the edges around the design to fit your garden. Depending on the design you choose, or indeed the space around it, we can look at creating a nice flower border. Or a simple gravel fill, with contrasting coloured gravel to make the patio stand out!

Made To Match

If you have an older property, such as a cute little cottage, and you want a fresh patio filling your small garden, it’s no good looking at modern patios. You will want to have something in keeping with the design of the house spreading into the garden.
This might mean mismatched slabs, maybe cobbles, or even a herringbone pattern. Each of these takes an amount of skill to get the patio both stable and secure but to look like it’s been there as long as the house.

Gravel Instead

Sometimes, a patio just needs to be gravel. If you don’t mind it being a little uneven underfoot, gravel offers a stunning finish in smaller gardens. You can create shapes within the gravel by using different colours or textures. In smaller gardens, this is a great way to add shape, without having the difference between patio, gravel and grass. You can move your furniture around, it doesnt require a dedicated place, theres no uneven edges to trip over, and you can use a variety of decoration that will still look great. This includes pots, ornaments, furniture and even a fire pit!

Deck It Out

Sometimes, you’ve considered a patio for so long that you have convinced yourself its a great idea. And all it takes is someone to mention decking in Abingdon for you to reconsider your choices.
If you have a large step down from your back door to your smaller garden, you might think that a large step, as practical as it is, just looks cumbersome. Well, why not raise your garden a touch, and you’ll no longer need that step. The best way to do this is to invest in decking. Not to mention it looks great too.
Timber decking, if maintained and treated regularly can last over 20 years, and each time you treat you can change the colour! It allows you to give your garden a new lease of life year after year.
If you have been looking at patios as they are less upkeep, what about composite decking? This new style of plastic decking is weatherproof, slip-proof, has no maintenance and looks great in a range of colours. Not to mention it will last for decades!

If you are interested in patios in Abingdon, get in touch with our team today, who will be happy to give your smaller garden a new lease of life!
You can also get in touch for garden landscaping for a range of gardens, from small yards, to larger plots of land.

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