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Small Garden, Big impact

19 Feb 2020

Having a small garden doesn’t mean you can’t have big ideas. In fact, you could have a great new design in your garden, regardless of the size! Here at Abingdon’s we know the importance of your garden. Whether your style is low maintenance, you want something a little greener, or something at the height of this year’s trend, it’s all possible!

Not so green fingers

If you want something low maintenance in a smaller garden, it doesn’t mean you just need a boring slabbed yard. With the increase of artificial grass over the last few years you can replace those slabs for wonderful shades of green that are just as easy to look after! If you fancy a bit of texture, but don’t like the thought of artificial grass, gravel and pebble gardens are also a great looking option.
If you love plants but don’t like the thought of maintaining a border, make a feature out of some coloured pots and add some easy to keep flowers. If you want something that will come back year after year take a look at some perennials, such as blanket flowers and Hibiscus. Lavender is a great year-round plant that provides a wonderful scent and is very low maintenance.

Go for green

Small green gardens are good fun and super easy to create. If you are looking for a big impact, why not try a wildflower bed, also known as a meadow garden. These plants not only look amazing, with bright and bold colours, they are also great if you want to see some smaller wildlife in your garden. Add in a small lawn or a water feature to the garden for an eye-catching focus point.

Abingdon's Landscape Gardening

For more shades of green, look for some taller grass plants. Not only do they come in all shades of green, and some purples too, but they will also add some height and depth to the garden. Combine with a couple of Lupins for some tall colour in summer.

Tiny trends

You’ve already seen our 2020 trends so it’s all about adapting this to your small garden. The best of these for smaller spaces is the vertical garden. Whether you prefer your plants in wall hanging pots, or the idea of a living wall, it’s a great space saving idea. If you like wildlife, its also great to get those nesting birds into smaller gardens. Look at adding a bistro set so you can get out and enjoy the space.

Abingdon's Garden Landscaping

City living

If you want your garden to be an extension of your house and just a nice place to sit, you can always turn small spaces into an extra room. There are some great paving options for these spaces, with great patterns available. Add some garden furniture and turn it into your dining space, or an outdoor sofa with some cushions for a great place to relax.

Abingdon’s do small

Whilst we do get a lot of demand for larger projects, and maintenance on the bigger garden, we do offer our services on these smaller spaces. All our services can be adapted to the smaller garden, from fencing and decking, to a full landscape of the space.
Get in touch to discuss your options and see how we can get the most out of your space.

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