Simple September Gardening

30 Aug 2021

September usually starts to see the cooler weather and the tail end of the blazing sun (although this year that has been mixed with heavy downpours). There are so many tasks that you can do in your garden this month that will help to set you up for both winter and the spring.

Get Your Bulbs In

This month, you will have two lots of bulbs to get in the ground. Firstly, You will want to get planting up your Christmas bulbs. There are a variety of bulbs that will grow at this time of year. The most common of these are Hyacinth bulbs. Make sure you pick up “prepared” bulbs to ensure they flower in time for Christmas day.
Secondly, you can start planting up for spring-flowering bulbs. Remember to spread your spring-flowering bulbs across early, mid and late flowering to get full coverage.
Early flowering bulbs include snowdrops and mini daffodils. Mid-spring flowering includes standard and double head daffodils and mid-season tulips. Late spring flowering includes lilies and Dutch Iris.

Cut On The Dotted Line

There are a number of cuts that can be made in September. Firstly, deadheading. There are a number of flowers around your garden that need to have their dead heads removed to help promote a healthy plant. This includes climbing roses. Remember to leave your sunflowers heads in place for birds to pick at the seeds.
Taking your cuttings is next on the list. This includes fuchsias, salvias and pelargoniums.
Finally, trimming back your hedges and evergreens will help them to maintain their height and shape.

Lawns Glorious Lawns

September is the ideal time of year to sow lawn seed on any patches your grass may have. We recommend that you do a good weed and feed first to ensure that you are removing all your weeds before filling in your gaps. Find the best weed and feed for your circumstances, such as if you have little time to rake out dead weeds and moss, find one that has a no rake formula.
Once you have given your lawn two weeks to recover, you can start to sow your new grass seed. If the weather is fair, remember to water your lawn regularly to encourage your seeds to take and thus grow. Avoid mowing your lawn until your new grass has settled and started to take.
When it comes to finding the right seeds to match your current lawn, you can take images and a sample of grass to your local garden centre and compare them with descriptions and images on the packaging. Many garden centres will also have someone on hand to help you make the right choice.

For help in your garden this September, or to look at a complete garden redesign, please get in touch with a member of the team who will be happy to discuss how we can help you. Remember to regularly check back to our blogs for more great ideas and tips for your garden!

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