Secure Your Garden With New Fencing

14 Jun 2021

Our gardens are an extension of our home. A safe place for our children to play. Somewhere we can let our dogs roam free. So there is nothing worse than the worry that our garden is not as secure as it could be and someone can get in or out without you even realising.

Old Fencing

Having decades of experience working in a variety of gardens, we have seen it all. Fences held together with cable ties, patched up with an odd piece of wood and a couple of nails. And even gaps filled in with chicken wire so your furry friend cant break free.
So how do we know when it is time to give in and get a whole new fence installed? The above mentioned are usually pretty good signs, but could also be replaced with a singular new panel. It all depends on how dedicated you are to having your fence match.

Increased Security

Unfortunately, over recent years there has been the need to increase the security around your home. With additional locks on doors, alarm systems and even CCTV. But what about the space outside your home? Your garden is still part of your home, but many people forget to ensure that it is just as secure. While there will always be a way to get into your garden, making it harder for intruders will deter them from trying.
Old fences that easily move, or already have gaps in, missing fence panels and even low fences all make prime targets. So why not invest in a high quality nice tall fence.
Higher fences make it more difficult for unwanted guests to climb over without assistance, and the assistance usually gets them noticed sooner. It also means that people cannot see over your fence and into your garden. While we don’t encourage you to leave things on show, if you are not around, it will be somewhat safer if people can’t see into your garden.
Higher quality fencing will usually be much sturdier than its cheaper counterparts. This will usually mean that it can withstand much more severe weather conditions and providing you pair it with quality posts should withstand gale-force winds.
Concrete posts offer a solid framework for your fence, and when installed properly these will certainly outlive your wooden fence panels.

Fitting Your Fence

To the team here at Abingdon’s fence installations are as easy as 1-2-3. However, we know that this isn’t always the case for some DIYers. Ensuring that your fence is secure is one of the most difficult endeavours. So if you are unsure, we highly recommend calling someone in with experience. If your fence posts are slightly too far apart you can easily remove a fence panel, or it can even blow down in the wind, so it is safer to have it done for you. Even if it is just for peace of mind.

For more information on the fencing in Radley from Abingdon’s Complete Garden Services please get in touch with our team today who will be happy to assist you. Check back to our blogs for regular updates and ideas for your garden.

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