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Why re-turfing in Radley is perfect for Spring

14 Dec 2018

Re-turfing in Radley during the spring time and can yield some of the best results over any other time of the year. Here at Abingdon’s Complete Gardening Services, we provide a comprehensive and tailored turfing and re-turfing solution, with spectacular results.

Reasons re-turfing in Radley works in Spring

Here we will at some of the reasons for why we believe that Spring is the right time to invest in re-turfing in Radley:

  • Soil is moist and warm – Turf prefers to be laid on warm and moist soil and if next year heralds a ‘typical’ English spring, chances are we will be in for a shower or two.
  • Ground preparation is more straightforward – It’s much harder to complete tasks such as removing old turf or skimming stones off in winter, so the slightly raised temperatures will make this less of a chore. It’s nearly impossible to prepare your garden for re-turfing properly in winter and get the results you crave.
  • Watering your turf is easier – Re-turfing takes 3-4 weeks typically to root into the existing soil, but it will be easier to hose your turf in spring as the ground will be softer and water will pass through to the soil easier. By staying off your new turf during this time, you will reap the benefits in the summer.
  • Preparation is vital for re-turfing in Radley – Here at Abingdon’s our team go the extra mile to get your ground fully prepared for re-turfing. We will make sure your soil is weed-free, which although this can be a timely process, it is worth it in the long run.

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