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Property Maintenance in Radley – Creating Interior Stud Walls

17 Apr 2019

Property maintenance in Radley from Abingdon’s can fit strong interior stud walls giving you the chance to create unique new rooms in your home.
Whether you are looking to re-design the look of your own property or you’re undertaking a renovation; getting experts from Abingdon’s involved in the project early on will ensure the entire process runs as smooth as possible.

Interior Stud Walls are great for creating –

  • A new home office
  • An en suite bathroom
  • An extra bedroom

All of these are much cheaper options than moving home, plus surveys have recently revealed that homeowners are looking to maximise their space with stud walls and extensions rather than selling up. Adding an extra room to your property, no matter what it’s for, has the potential to add considerable value to your property.

Follow Building Regulations with Property Maintenance in Radley

Although you don’t need planning permission to install partition or stud walls there are some building regulations which you need to follow.
Fire Safety – You will need to have at least one window in each of your two new rooms, if you are splitting a larger room with a stud wall. This is to ensure there is an escape route in case of fire.
Sound Insulation – This can be achieved through using sound resistant plasterboard or filling gaps between studs with sheets of dense insulation material. We would advise asking our team of specialists so we can recommend the best material to use.
Structural Support – If your stud wall runs parallel to the floor joists you may need a second joist alongside the one on which the wall will sit and fix into.
Ventilation – If your stud wall creates a new room it’s important to have enough ventilation. We’ve already mentioned having window access, but there should also be trickle ventilation built into the window frame or other area of the room.

Create Change with Property Maintenance in Radley

Changing your living spaces with interior stud walls opens up a host of possibilities for pretty much any room in your home. Here’s some necessary information about the materials we use for stud walls.
Essentially this is a standard wall built with studs, made from pieces of wood or timber that supports your wall’s structure. These are then attached together with either drywall, plasterboard or in some cases a mix of lath and plaster.
You won’t need to worry about the quality of the materials used for stud walls as our team of specialists only use the best, which is one of the reasons we have been the leading property maintenance specialists in Oxfordshire for over 30 years.

Get in Touch for Property Maintenance in Radley

If you’re looking for any kind of property maintenance in Radley look no further than Abingdon’s Complete Garden Service.
We don’t charge for any advice or quotes, so if you’re considering a house renovation soon please contact us with any questions you’ve got.
Our costs also include tidying up your site once we’ve finished, which is a good money saver and is one of the reasons we have “Complete” in our business name; we pride ourselves on giving you a comprehensive service.

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