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15 Jan 2019

Property maintenance in Abingdon is always easier when you can call on experienced specialists such as the team at Abingdon’s Complete Gardening Services.
We boast over three decades of getting our hands dirty for our customers; delivering spectacular results on a regular basis.
So, despite the weather being pretty chilly, we know how important it is to maintain the quality of your garden right through the year. Spring is just around the corner and with the right maintenance, your garden will be blooming as the temperature increases and the days get lighter.

Weeding is Crucial for Property Maintenance in Abingdon

Weeding is just one of a host services Abingdon’s Complete Gardening Services offers to customers. If this is something you haven’t considered outsourcing for your garden before, here’s just a few ways our highly skilled team can get rid of weeds.
• We will only dig when we need to, as this can bring hidden weed seeds to the surface and allow them enough light to trigger germination
• Mulch can be applied to prevent weeds growing, as this keeps the soil cool and deprives the weeds of light. This can also encourage crickets and carabid beetles that eat weed seeds as part of their regular diet
• One tip we would recommend, to prevent weeds growing in the first place, is planting tight plant beds, which in turn leaves no room for weeds to grow. Our garden designers have a wealth of experience in plant bedding and can advice you on the best range of plants to add to your garden.

Talk to us About Property Maintenance in Abingdon

Choose us to work on your property maintenance in Abingdon, and you will benefit from our experienced expert design advice, quality materials and most importantly a highly reliable service.
Contact us today to speak to one of our friendly team; we’d love to hear from you.

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