Property maintenance covers a breadth of services to help maintain or fix problems all-around your home.
Here at Abingdon’s, we have accumulated years of experience providing a first-class property maintenance service for customers right across Abingdon and beyond.

The types of tasks we can help you out on include:

Plumbing – This can include installation and repair of pipes, faucets, water tanks, dishwashers, ceiling fans, washing machines, rubbish disposals, plus water dispensing refrigerators. Remember one small leak can waste a lot of water; for example, one drop per minute adds up to 1440 drops per day and 34 gallons a year!
Drywall Repair – Fixing tiny holes that have been caused by minor digs and nails and is an essential task if you are moving into a property that has been previously occupied.
Electrical – Installation and repair of fuses, power switches, wall sockets, ceiling fans, ceiling lights and garage door openers.
Painting – Once damage repair has been completed some areas will require a fresh coat of paint to walls.

Why Should I Choose Abingdon’s for Property Maintenance?

Working with our specialist team from Abingdon’s will save you a lot of time and money as we will take on your list of home maintenance tasks and let you focus on other areas.
Using our years of experience we have also tailored our property maintenance service to be super-efficient – meaning we won’t spend longer at your property than required.
All of our plumbers and electricians have been trained by leading organisations and follow all the necessary health and safety requirements.

Going Green with Property Maintenance

Keeping your garden looking spectacular all year round is a task in itself and as part of our property maintenance, we can offer a weeding service. Removing weeds is an essential exercise that removes unwanted plants from competing for space, water and nutrients. Weeding also helps to loosen the soil, letting water infiltrate more rapidly and allows the roots of cultivated plants to develop more.

We will only dig when required as this will bring hidden weeds to the surface allow plenty of light to trigger germination. This process happens when a spore or seeds start to grow and produces a shoot or seedling.

Talk to the Property Maintenance Experts for Abingdon

If you need a company to take some of the property maintenance tasks, we’ve discussed above please get in touch today.
Don’t forget we also offer a no-obligation quote on all our services which include decking, fencing, pathways and patios plus garden design.