Preparing For Your Patio

20 Dec 2021

It’s December, the chance of you getting to use your patio right now sure is slim. Unless you plan to watch the fireworks on New Year from the comfort of your own patio with a hot chocolate of course! However, did you know that this is the perfect time to start planning the future of your patio!

Keeping The Old

For many of us, our old patio is still in just as good quality. For the most part at least. However, it might need a little bit of TLC to get it ready to use in the spring!
You cant always blame ice for your patio being a little slippy. Over time, many patios start to grow a little algae, which, as soon as it’s a little damp, becomes just as slippery as ice. It can also discolour your patio.
Removing algae is as simple as taking a jetwash to the area. You might be wondering why we are recommending this in December, the simple answer is that if you have a thick layer of algae, it is far easier to remove if the area has been saturated for a longer period of time. Such as with all the rain we have seen recently. However, you may want to have another skim over with the jet wash closer to the nice weather, just to ensure that it is looking its best!
Another issue you may have with your older patio is the grouting. Some patios have sand grouting, others have cement grouting, and a stylish few have gravel grouting. Over time each of these can deteriorate. While now might not be the perfect time to redo this (we’re thinking frost) you can certainly prepare for it.

Time For New

Whether your patio has seen better days, or you are just looking to spruce up the space. A New patio can work wonders in transforming your garden.
Where you are taking the old patio up, and simply laying a new one, much of the groundwork will already be in place, and providing this was done correctly the first time around, very little should need to be done before your new patio can be laid.
We don’t recommend laying your patio where rain is immediately forecast. However, preparing for it now allows you to get the perfect patio for your garden and space.

Patio From Nothing

This year, you might be considering having a patio laid where there hasn’t previously been one. A touch of landscape gardening to freshen up your space. This is where the real work starts. While many people are fairly handy in the garden, we recommend that when laying a patio from scratch, you call in the experts, such as the team here at Abingdons.
We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in laying an assortment of different patios on a variety of different grounds. We can also help to ensure that your patio is as level as possible, ready for your drinks on the table in summer.

Are you interested in having a new patio in Abingdon laid before the first BBQ weather of 2022? It’s worth getting in touch as soon as possible to ensure that your patio will be laid and ready to use before the spring heatwave that we are all hoping for!
If you are looking at having landscape gardening in Abingdon, we can look to incorporate your new or existing patio into your garden design.

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