Preparing For The Sunny Summer Months

20 Jun 2022

It is the time of year that we are all looking forward to. We are all looking forward to putting a long and cold winter behind us and enjoying our first summer without any COVID-19 restrictions for two years! And if lockdown has taught us anything, then it is that we need to invest in our immediate surroundings. We all know that surroundings can transform our mood and attitude, and if your garden has been getting you down then now is time to change, just in time for summer! And the changes do not need to be extreme. Simply including a small patio on which you can relax in the sunshine can completely transform your garden space. If you are like us and fell back in love with nature during your lockdown walks, then introduce that serenity into your own outdoor space. Relaxation is incredibly important for your physical and mental well-being and what better place to relax than in your own garden, providing an element of escapism without any travel!

Paving The Way

If you are working with a blank slate of a garden, which just consists of grass then this can be so easily transformed into a garden paradise. We love creating a stone pathway, cutting through the greenery leading to a patio or decking seating area. This pathway will, quite literally, pave the way to a blissful outdoor space! The pathway is great for accessibility in your green space as well as being a stunning piece of decor. And you can truly make this pathway your own. If you have always been in awe of the classic architecture and building materials then why not incorporate striking reclaimed London bricks into your outdoor space creating a magnificent pathway! And not only do London bricks possess a signature style, they are also an environmentally friendly option due to these bricks being reclaimed from dilapidated London buildings. These bricks would be the perfect addition to an eco-conscious garden space!

Picture Perfect

A wonderful addition to a garden is to create a space where you can sit, relax and also socialise. That is why we love decking areas which provide a wonderful space to make your own. Whether you have your heart set on some wonderful garden sofas or even an idyllic hammock. This space will create an atmosphere of relaxation! This area would be the perfect place to host barbeques and summer get-togethers with all your loved ones! Decking is also a great choice for a garden due to being low maintenance, as decking generally only requires pressure washing twice a year to keep it in optimum condition. Making it the perfect choice if you want a wonderful garden but do not want any extra work. If garden maintenance is something that is on your mind then here at Abingdon’s Complete Garden Services we offer garden maintenance so you can have your dream garden with none of the hassle!

A Piece Of Paradise

If you are searching for the perfect addition to your garden which will transform it into your personal paradise. Then look no further than a stunning water feature to be the perfect finishing touch to your serene space. A water feature is a gorgeous injection of beauty, it would be difficult to not feel relaxed in a garden with the stunning background sound of running water. We offer water feature installation to create your dream luxury garden space.

No Time To Waste

Why wait to create your dream garden space. If you have been planning on improving your garden over the pandemic then now is your chance to transform your outdoor space in time for summer. Create the perfect garden for relaxing in sun and socialising with your loved ones, after all, there is a lot of time to make up for! Here at Abingdon’s Complete Garden Services we pride ourselves on making your dream garden become a reality! Feel free to contact us to discuss your garden aspirations!

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