Preparing for April

28 Mar 2022

April is renowned for its showery weather. However, recent years have seen some unseasonably hot weather, impacting the jobs that need to be done in the month. We have also seen stormy weather so far this year, with an increased level of rainfall, and strong winds. So while we offer this advice as a guide, make sure that you take the current weather into consideration.

Post Winter Weeding

Over the winter, you may have thought that the cold snaps would have kept the weeds at bay. Sadly, this isn’t always the case. Particularly where you have used frost protection and the ground has been kept slightly warmer.
This month, avoid the rainy days, and get into the garden when you can, and dig out all those pesky weeds. Remember that throughout the winter, these weeds will have created more stable root systems, so try not to break them off as they will regrow if the whole root is not removed.

Getting That Green Lawn

April is the perfect time to consider your lawn. The mild weather that this month offers, along with the rainy showers, makes for a great climate to either lay new turf, sow grass seeds, or get patch repair seeds on the go.
Ensure that you are certainly past the frost, rake up that ground to aerate and allow for seeds and roots to embed, and start to sow (or lay)! Remember, if the weather is more dry than usual, or, there are a couple of unseasonably hot days, water your lawn.
If your lawn is already established and full, but it’s not looking as green as you would like, it’s time to get some weed and feed! Using weed and feed might make you look worse before it looks better. This will be when the weeds are dying off. Take care to look at the instructions on the weed and feed as many will require ranking the grass after a few days.
Once the weeds or moss has been removed from your lawn, it might look a little more sparse. If this is the case, and you need to add grass seed, we recommend that you get this down before the end of the month for the best chance of growth.

Trim It Back

Now that the frost has passed, you can start to look at cutting back dead sections of shrubs and trees to make way for new growth. Over the winter, removing these would have allowed the frost to get into the plant, now that danger has passed it is safe to trim back. This will also help your garden to look tidier ready for the spring.

Pond Prep

You’ll have noticed that the fish in your pond have started to move around significantly more, coming up to the surface and on the hunt for food. So if you haven’t already, it’s time to get feeding!
You’ll also want to ensure that any moss or algae that has built up over the winter is removed before the sun starts to heat up the surface and it spreads.
This time of year is also a good time to sort out your pond plants. Rebasket any that are now too big for their current one, or where possible, split them into two smaller ones. Why not take a look at adding some stunning water lilies to the collection?

This April might see you requiring a little more help in the garden. Or you may have already been considering regular gardening or property maintenance in Radley, please contact the team today who will be happy to discuss this with you.


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