Post Storm Gardens

07 Mar 2022

Storms truly took their toll on the UK last month. Causing costly damage to some of the countries landmarks, tearing roofs off houses, and even blowing unsuspecting victims into the river. We’ve seen it all recently.
While we’ve all been cooped up inside, unfortunately, we couldn’t protect our gardens as much as we would have liked. So how can we get your garden back to where it once was? Or looking even better than it did? Landscape gardening with Abingdons of course.

Lets Talk Fencing

We know that one of the first things in the garden to be affected by strong wind is the fencing. Unless of course your fence is more like trellis and allows the wind to nicely breeze through.
For many, last month, they will have had to go out into the garden and pop at least one fence panel back in. While others will have been significantly damaged beyond the stage of popping them back in.
If this sounds familiar, it might be time to look at new fencing in Abingdon. Once you have lost a fence panel, you will find that that panel will be prone to popping out, or others around it make start to pop out. If you are considering investing in a new fence, we recommend digging out your existing fence posts and exchanging them for new concrete ones, perhaps even with concrete kickboards at the base.
Concrete posts that are set correctly have less chance of allowing fence panels that are well maintained to pop out in the future, giving you a stronger fence for longer. The concrete kickboard will also reduce the risk of the base of your fence panels soaking up too much water, destroying its structure.

Damaged Sheds

Sadly, similar to fencing, our sheds will also have taken a battering. And these can be costly at the best of times, so making secure structural repairs may be a cost-effective way to save your shed.
Of course, home repairs may make you nervous about how secure the shed will be, come the next storm. The answer here is that even if you have a shed installed, the next storm could do equally as much damage as the last, and take even a new roof off.
If you have a damaged shed and would like an expert to take a look, and possibly make repairs if possible, please get in touch with the team today.

Uprooted Trees

Sadly the strong winds have taken down more than just the large rotting trees that a good storm normally takes down. It’s taken down everything it can get hold of, which means many trees in our gardens.
If you have an uprooted tree, chances are it cant be saved, even if you try to replant it, so it’s time to say goodbye. However, it does mean that you have a ready dug hole to fill with a new tree of your choice!
You can either head out to your local garden centre or give the team at Abingdons a call and find the best tree to suit your garden. You might even find yourself growing your own fruit in a couple of years!

The storm may give you the excuse to get a complete garden landscaping that you have been putting off for a number of years. If this sounds familiar to you, get in touch with the team today who will be happy to discuss some options with you.

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