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Adding Ponds to Garden Design in Radley

10 Mar 2019

Garden design in Radley including pond installations are straight forward for experts from Abingdon’s Complete Gardening Service.
There’s plenty to consider when deciding to add a pond to your garden, here’s a few musts –

  • Look to install your pond where it can gain 5-6 hours of sunlight every day, so the plants and water stay at their best
  • More than 6 hours will produce excess algae resulting in green and murky water
  • If you are placing your pond in a partially shaded area also bear in mind falling leaves and other debris will mean it will require more maintenance
  • Decide early on in the design process if you would like a waterfall as we will pre-position your soil as we begin to dig out your pond

The Shape of Garden Design in Radley

The choice is yours when it comes to the shape of your pond, with traditional informal shaped ponds having gently varying depths and sloping sides. Avoiding tight curves or shapes that are too intricate may affect water circulation around the pond.

Informal shapes for ponds include –
Free form

Larger ponds are more complex to design, but specialists from Abingdon’s will pay you a visit before digging begins to get accurate measurements and offer all the advice you need.
Traditionally larger ponds are either a free form shape or Pear Shaped, but if you would like to consider a different shape of pond, please let us know.

Pond Life is Pleasant with Garden Design in Radley

For the past 40 years, we have been leading the way in transforming exteriors right across Oxfordshire. To begin the process of transforming your garden with a pond installation, please get in touch to speak to us today.
Ponds are just one area of garden design in Radley we specialise in; we also provide the highest quality of fencing, patios, turfing and property maintenance.

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