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Plan for Summer with Garden Design in Abingdon

28 Apr 2019

Garden design in Abingdon is an essential task as we edge closer to the summer sunshine.
Our job here at Abingdon’s is to make your garden look stunning so that you can sit back and be proud of your outdoors.
With that in mind, we are going to look at some plants perfect for bedding and ready to blossom in summer.

Essential Planting and Garden Design in Abingdon

Nearly all summer bedding plants can be raised from seed, but our team of specialists will handle all tasks such as germination and pricking out tiny seedlings.
We have selected five species that will shine in your garden come summertime.

Begonia – One of the most versatile plants for summer bedding, Begonia are extremely popular for their large flamboyant blooms in a host of colours. They also thrive in the sunshine and shade and will continue to look stunning until the first frosts.
Busy Lizzie – Busy Lizzie produce large flowers in a range of vibrant colours, from pinks to reds, purples and whites. They are ideal for ground cover in beds and borders or you can add them to patio containers.
Geranium – Sturdy and sun loving plants that are well suited to hot, dry conditions and flower right through the summer. Primarily available in shades of pink, white and red, they can also have subtle shades of soothing lilac, apricot and rich burgundy.
Petunia – Petunias boast a fantastic array of colours and patterns that include stripes and picotees. We would recommend petunias if you’re looking for purple bedding plants.
Cosmos – These large saucer shaped flowers are a great source of late nectar for pollinating insects. Mainly available in pink, red and white they will begin blooming in mid-summer and flower prolifically until the middle of autumn.

Experts in Garden Design in Abingdon

Abingdon’s Complete Garden Service gives you the most innovative garden design in Abingdon. If you’d like to talk to us about transforming the look of your outdoors, please contact us today.

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