Patios? No Problem

22 Mar 2021

With many of us having been at home for much of the summer of 2020, there has been an increase in DIY garden improvements. And while some of them have turned out great, with some stunning flower beds, and perfect lawns, not all have turned out quite as well as we had hoped. Patios have taken the brunt of this DIY craze.

What Went Wrong

While we love a good DIY spurt, we know that not everyone did their research before laying their patio.
Before laying your patio, you would have needed to have ensured that you have a solid base. Depending on the ground under the area of your patio, you might need to dig a little deeper and lay a level of hardcore and sand before attempting to lay your patio. A number of DIY patios are laid directly onto dirt with a light coating of sand on top. This unfortunately can be washed away in heavy rains, reducing the stability of your patio and the ground below.
Not all gardens are nice and level, if your garden is one of those that tilts off in one direction, laying your patio might be a little more interesting. Ensuring that each of your slabs or bricks is angled the same can help to reduce the risk of uneven surfaces and trip risks, however, no matter the size of your patio, this can prove difficult. So you may be finding uneven bricks where you or your loved ones are now catching their feet as they move across the space.
Some DIY patios have had small steps missed out in the laying process that just means that they aren’t quite right. This might have been as simple as raking the sand so it is even, or as much as swapping out paving grout for builders sand.
Not to worry, no matter how your patio turned out, our experts are on hand to make sure your patio is safe and ready for some heavy use this summer.

Patios With Abingdons

Here at Abingdons, we have many years of experience in laying patios on a variety of different ground surfaces. From perfectly level patios, to stepped patios on a sloping garden, and even patios that are on a gradient to suit the lay of the garden, we have seen them all.
If you are looking to have your DIY patio relaid for more support please get in touch today and we will be happy to discuss this with you.

Decking Gone Wrong?

Alongside the occasional patio problem, we have also seen a number of decking attempts gone wrong. As decking is usually laid above the ground, getting the base structure of your decking right and stable is an extremely important factor. If your base isn’t quite right, you might find that your decking panels are uneven and your decking won’t last quite as long as expected. Contact our team who will be able to assist you with ensuring that your decking is not only level and secure, but that it will also stand the test of time.

Head over to our page on patios for more information on this service. You can also check out our blog for a range of ideas on how we can make your garden truly unique to you. For more information on garden maintenance or to discuss your project please contact a member of the Abingdons team today.

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