November’s Wintery Garden Jobs

01 Nov 2021

As November rolls back around, so does the cold weather. The frosts, the wind, the rain and perhaps the threat of snow there are certainly a few things to get done in the garden. So pop on your coat and maybe even your wellies and let’s get to it!

Insulate The Greenhouse

Greenhouses in the summer are used to keep the temperature up and help certain plants either get going with their growth or others to flourish, such as tomatoes. However, in the winter they get just as cold as the outside air around them. In a bid to not only save any plants that are currently residing inside, but also to stop the glass shattering in the frost it’s time to get insulating.
Many garden centres will stock a vast array of products to help you keep your greenhouse that little warmer. From large amounts of fleece to bubble wrap of all sizes, there will be plenty of choice.
Typically, we recommend as much bubble wrap as possible. Make sure all panes have something covering them where possible, although this isn’t always possible on sliding doors.

Get Fleecing

Frostproof fleecing! Now, we aren’t saying dive into your wardrobe, grab a couple of fleeces and wrap them around your plants. But you wouldn’t be far wrong. There are a number of plants in our gardens that need that extra spot of protection against the upcoming frosts. Again, head over to your local garden centre who will be able to advise which of your plants need the extra protection, and the best type of fleece.
However, on milder days, your garden will not need to be fleeced! SO if you’ve seen in the news that the next few days are unseasonably mild (rain or no rain), pull back the fleece and let them breathe in some good fresh air. Just remember to cover them back up before the frost.

Don’t Forget The Pots

When it comes to adding fleece around your garden, we often find that people are telling us that their nice, expensive, decorative pot has cracked. Sadly, not all garden pots are frost proof! So if you are buying new pots, we recommend trying to get frostproof. If you can’t, just make sure you make a note of which ones aren’t, so you can fleece them up.
If you already have pots in your garden but aren’t too sure, fleece them up just in case. They may have been out for the last couple of years, but all it takes is one bad frost for them to crack.

Last Ditch Pruning

With the weather in October being fairly mild, you may have found that your winter prepped pruned plants have gained a little more growth than you would have like to start the winter with. No worries, just head around the garden making last-minute trims where they are needed. Remember to check the next weeks’ forecast though, you don’t want to be doing any pruning if there is a frost forecast.
Likewise, mowing your lawn. You may need to give your lawn one last mow thanks to the mild weather. Just remember to have your blades set higher to leave the grass just a touch longer.

Feed The Wildlife

It’s harder for the wildlife to forage for food when the colder weather hits. With fewer berries on bushes, and frost making everything that little harder. Meaning that this is the perfect time to get feeding the wildlife in your garden.
We often see that people are feeding the wildlife in the summer, but as the rain hits, they are less inclined to nip into the garden. Sadly this means that the likes of birds have to work harder for their food rather than conserving the energy that would otherwise keep them alive.
Remember to pop out a variety of food if possible. Higher fat content, such as fat balls are great at this time of year.

If you need any assistance with your garden maintenance this November, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team today who will be happy to discuss this with you. Remember to check back throughout the winter for more information and tips for your garden.

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