Autumn Garden Maintenance

November Jobs for your Garden

14 Nov 2019

November is a month where the changing of the seasons is more accentuated. Putting some time into your garden in Abingdon and Radley will help you to reap benefits as we go through the festive period and into a new year.

Prepare for Winter in Your Garden in Radley and Abingdon

With the foliage of plants, shrubs and hedges falling away you can get a better view of the state of your fencing. It is a good opportunity to repair and apply preservative treatments to fences before the harshest winter weather.

Continue to rake up leaves from lawns, they can be turned into compost and leaf mulch. This will help to keep your lawn in good condition. During a dry day, give the grass a cut, but make sure that your mower blade is set to a higher level.

Shield your garden furniture and infrastructure by covering seats and tables and protect any outdoor taps or external pipes with insulating foam to prevent freezing. Insulate any pots with bubble wrap or hessian against frost.

Start to support your garden wildlife. Food will become increasingly scarce, so start by cleaning and putting out feeders for birds. Water is also important to them for drinking and bathing during the colder months.

Apply grease bands to the trunks of fruit trees. These offer a pesticide free way to stop Winter Moth infestations. The females are wingless, and this stops them climbing the trunks and laying their eggs.

Clean and disinfect greenhouses and empty pots ready for the new growing season next year.

Cover sprouts, cabbages and other brassicas against birds and pests and prune and shape dormant fruit trees.

Seasonal Garden Maintenance from Abingdon’s Complete Garden Services

Do you require any help with seasonal garden maintenance? Even though everything looks as though it is slowing down and going dormant. The end of the Autumn is the time to set the foundations for a successful Spring and Summer next year. By tending to plants and protecting them now, they are already commencing on a new cycle. Contact us today for more about our garden services.

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