Loving Raised Flower Beds

When it comes to our gardens, some of us look out of our windows and find ourselves greeted with a…

26 Apr 2021

Spring Wildlife In The Garden

With Spring already in full swing, you will have noticed a number of critters that are appearing in your gardens.…

19 Apr 2021

Getting Together In Your Garden

As lockdowns in the UK begin to ease, we start to spend more time together in our gardens. Why not…

12 Apr 2021

Spring Landscaping

As far as the gardening calendar is concerned, spring is one of the most important times of the year, so…

05 Apr 2021

April Garden Tasks

Do April showers have you feeling like staying indoors where it's nice and dry? Us too. But at least the…

29 Mar 2021

Patios? No Problem

With many of us having been at home for much of the summer of 2020, there has been an increase…

22 Mar 2021

Adding Water Features to Your Garden

There is something naturally soothing about the sound of trickling water. With listening to the sea, a trickling stream or…

15 Mar 2021

Garden Flooding, What To Do?

Here in the UK, we often find ourselves subject to heavy downpours and unpredictable weather. This means that our gardens…

08 Mar 2021

March Into The Garden

As March arrives, it brings with it the unpredictable weather. Will we wake up to a frost-covered garden? Will we…

01 Mar 2021

Creating Bird Friendly Gardens

Whether you took part in the RSPB national birdwatch, or you are simply just noticing more birds fluttering around your…

22 Feb 2021