National Gardening Week 2020

Flex Those Green Fingers For National Gardening Week 2020!

18 Apr 2020

Monday 27th April – Sunday 3rd May is National Gardening Week this year! An annual celebration of gardening headed up by the Royal Horticultural Society, this year is all about encouraging the nation to get green fingered and grow a new generation of gardeners.

In these unprecedented times, many of us are turning to gardening as a way to unwind, de-stress and occupy our minds. But why is it so important? And how can you get started no matter how big or small your outside space?

The Importance Of Gardening

If gardening has always been your thing, then there’s no doubt that you already know of its benefits. That being said, lack of time or suitable spaces can present a big obstacle to flexing those green fingers. Which is why, during lockdown it seems that more and more of us are making an effort to get outside, connect with nature and get our hands dirty.

And there’s a very good reason why more of us should go green. Whether that’s making the effort to fill our home with houseplants, growing a window box or spending some time tending to our own gardens. A recent OnePoll Survey showed that more than half of us enjoy being surrounded by greenery and find that it boosts our mood.

Mental health and well being is a very hot topic right now – not least because it’s so important. Alongside our physical health, mental health is a hugely important aspect of ourselves and has a very real impact on how we live our lives. With this in mind, it’s not hard to see why gardening is championed in the health and wellness stakes. Not only does getting into the garden allow you to connect with nature, live in the present moment and engage in meaningful, productive activity, it also encourages us to be more active outside. Which is something many of us could do with!

How To Get Involved With National Gardening Week

There are many ways you can get involved with National Gardening Week – and you don’t have to have a big garden or outdoor space to get involved. In fact, there are a huge number of things you can do inside to get involved and start feeling the benefits of flexing those green fingers !

You could:

  • Buy a window-box or hanging baskets online and fill them with summer flowers. Many retailers are offering delivery of plants straight to your door to keep to the government guidelines.
  • Plant up some vegetables! You can do this with patio containers or even tubs if you only have a small outdoor space. Potatoes can also be grown indoors with a bit of ingenuity!
  • Mow your lawn. If the recent good weather has seen your lawn spring back to life, then mowing it is an incredibly rewarding activity that gets you moving too!
  • Make your own compost. As many green waste collections have been paused, you may be wondering what to do with your grass clippings and vegetable peelings. If that is the case, check out composting for an eco-friendly activity that will bring lots of benefits in the long term.
  • Buy a houseplant. The presence of houseplants indoors can improve air quality, contribute to lower stress levels and even act as noise insulation. Not to mention they look fantastic wherever you choose to put them.
  • Plant, plant, plant. If you can, plant wherever possible. Now you can plant dahlias and gladioli for summer sprouting, and herbs can be easily grown indoors to help you add some homemade flavour to your cooking!

Get on top of your greenery with garden maintenance in Abingdon

We’ve already outlined the benefits of gardening on both mental and physical health. That being said, if you look out at your garden and feel overwhelmed at the prospect of tackling all of the jobs to be done, or need a helping hand on getting the essentials done before you get stuck into the fun parts, get in touch.

We offer garden maintenance in Abingdon  and the surrounding areas, and our team are on hand to tidy up and keep on top of your outdoor space as long as you need us. From one off garden clean-ups to weeding and regular maintenance throughout the seasons, get in touch with us today for help and advice with garden maintenance.

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