May Gardening Time

03 May 2021

As we enter May, we hope to wave goodbye to heavy April showers and say hello to glorious sunshine. This time of year is a great time to show off your ever-growing garden! So what can you get done in the garden this month?

Remove Those Weeds!

As the weather gets warmer, we start to see more and more weeds appearing, not only in our borders but also in our pots, hanging baskets and even lawn. While this weather is great for the growth of our gorgeous flowers, and tasty fruit and veg, it’s also great for the growth of weeds.
Keeping on top of these can help to reduce the rate of regrowth drastically, but remember, they will always be back, no matter how much you remove them.
Depending on the style of garden you have, or indeed where the weeds are, we encourage you to try and remove these by hand (including the root) to avoid using chemicals amongst your flowers. While many weed killers state that they are safe around flowers, veg and lawns, avoiding them completely is always the best option. If you are opting for weed killers (we understand that this is the easier option for many) please ensure you are reading all the warnings and are careful where you use them. Likewise with weed burners, please take care when using them.

Moving From Pots To Borders

Many people will have started some of their flowers, or even veg, in pots either indoors or in the greenhouse. Now is the perfect time to move these out into the garden, without the worry of frosts.
When transferring from a pot to the ground, ensure that you dig your hole big enough to transplant the whole root ball in one go. If you are using plant food, you can add this to the bottom of the hole. When you remove the roots from the pot, loosen the soil around the roots then place into the hole. Fill in the edges with soil and gentle compact into place. You will then need to ensure that you thoroughly water the area.

Raise Your Baskets

May is the perfect time to start getting your hanging baskets planted up and hung, ready to enjoy when you take to sitting in the garden to enjoy the sun.
Our hanging baskets are a very personal choice, whether you decide to visit your local garden centre for one ready planted, you chose to have one created for you to contain your favourites, or you spend the time choosing and planting it yourself. Depending on where you hang them, they can be a focal point in your garden.
Some of our favourites for hanging baskets includes; Strawberries, creeping Jenny, Begonia and Lobelia.

Water Water Water

As the sun starts to warm up, and the rain begins to slow, one of the most important things to remember is to ensure that your garden gets enough water. Previously we mentioned that investing in a water butt is a great way to collect natural water that you can use during the drier periods. It’s not too late to get one, we will still get rain periodically! Alternatively, grab the hose and ensure those plants have enough to drink. Don’t forget the lawn!

Gardening is a passion for the team here at Abingdons, but we know it’s not for everyone. So if you need a helping hand in your garden with some regular maintenance, or even a one-off to get it back to a manageable state, get in touch with our friendly team who will be happy to discuss this with you. Check back to our blogs regularly for more ideas and garden tips.

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