March Matters

March Matters in Your Garden

09 Mar 2020

March holds a mixed bag of weather. While we try to leave the harsh winter frosts behind, we still find them creeping in on an occasional morning, followed by those lovely spring days. We must also prepare for April showers that could saturate our garden.

February Catch Up

This year we have had a horrendous year for flooding in parts of the UK, with many of our gardens being affected. We possibly haven’t got everything ready that we needed to, so for just a quick recap of things that you should have ready:

  • Refresh your soil – add a bit of compost or manure to rebuild nutrients
  • Prune winter-blooming shrubs
  • Remove fallen leaves and plant debris from your pond

Refer back to our February checklist if the month was a complete write-off for your garden!

March is Mow Month

As spring hits our gardens, things start to grow. You may notice later in the month that your lawn has begun to grow (after all that February rain all we need is a little sun!), now would be a great time for the first cut of the season.

Make sure you prepare for your first cut by checking the blades on your mower, that first cut is always crucial. Make sure there are no remnants of last years grass hanging around and that your blades are beautifully sharp. The first cut should take no more than one-third of the total grass length off, the grass needs to rebuild its strength! Speaking of strength, this cut should be delicately done, refrain from putting too much pressure on the lawn, a Flymo is great for this! Try to leave this crucial cut to a time where there has been a couple of dry days (we know this seems like a long shot after the weather in Feb!) to give the soil below a chance to dry out a little.

This first cut is also a great time to check for any mossy patches as the sooner these are dealt with the easier it is.

Get the Veg Going!

Some of us love our veg gardens, and March is a great time to get started! March is an ideal time to plant some early potatoes – make sure they’re about a trowel depth down. If you’re looking for an easy start to get your tomato plants going, garden centres will have a range of ready to go tomatoes on offer, saving you that headache.

If you want a little more veg getting that head start try planting risk-free hardy veg that doesn’t mind the cold, such as carrots, peas, broad beans, spinach, radish, parsnips and leeks.

Abingdon’s Complete Garden Services

Here at Abingdon’s we know that gardening isn’t the fanciest of jobs, and some days in March are still a little chilly. So if you don’t fancy getting out there and doing the garden just yet, or you want a new set of eyes to have a look at what you can achieve with your space, please get in touch and we can discuss how we can help you in your garden this spring.

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