March Into The Garden

01 Mar 2021

As March arrives, it brings with it the unpredictable weather. Will we wake up to a frost-covered garden? Will we wake up to glorious blue skies and birdsong? While we might have to readjust our garden plans to suit the weather, there are a few jobs we need to look at this month.

Winter weeding

We get lulled into a false sense of security thinking that weeds will be kept at bay by winter frosts. Unfortunately, there are a number of weeds that thrive during the colder periods, particularly when we have frost proofed our pots and borders. Make the most of the soft damp ground and start the weeding process as soon as possible. Removing weeds when the ground is soft means that you can safely remove the roof, without leaving parts behind to resprout again.

Back to lawn care

March is a good time to start caring for your lawn again. While we have kept off the lawn as much as possible throughout the winter and the heavy frosts, the changing weather will now see your lawn starting to grow again.
When it comes to the first cut of the year, ensure that we have been frost-free for around a week, with no more in the upcoming forecast as this can damage a freshly mowed lawn. For the first cut, ensure that your blades are set higher than your usual cut.
If you are looking at your lawn and thinking it looks a little thin, or patchy, March is a good time to prepare the area for lawn seeds. Add some fresh topsoil to the area, this will allow it time to settle before you can sow your seeds.

Pond Life

As the frosts come to an end, our pond life starts to become active once again. Now is the time to pick back up that feeding routine and do any start of season maintenance, including checking filters and fountains. Ensure that you clear away all debris to ensure that your pond is healthy once again.

Tree Trimming

Before your trees start to dive back into full bloom, now is a great time to take away some of those branches that take you out of shape. Removing lower branches can help to give you a nice shape higher up. To trim back high branches look at investing in a long-handled saw or loppers, which are safer than ladders.

Spring seeding

This month you can start to plant some of your summer flowering bulbs such as lilies in your borders. You can also check on your seed packets as a number of seeds can start to be sown around this time. To ensure that your seeds and bulbs get the best start in life, look into spreading some mulch or manure, which can help to feed the soil in your borders.

For more information on March gardening jobs, or if you require some help in the garden this month, get in touch with a member of our team today. If you have relatives or friends that are struggling with their gardens during the pandemic, please get in touch today and we can discuss how we can help out.

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