March Garden Madness

28 Feb 2022

What a month February has been. The start saw unseasonably warm weather, before battering the country with storm after storm of torrential gales and battering winds. So your garden might be looking a little different than expected this month.

Following The Storms

Unfortunately, February saw some of the worst storms to hit the UK in over 30 years. With trampolines taking to the skies, greenhouses being up-rooted and certainly a heap of trees and fences being destroyed. This means that as we enter March, it might be more of a recovery and tidy up than a normal March would be.
If you have been unfortunate enough to lose a tree, or even have tree-related damage in your garden, take this as a sign to start again. Take the area back to basics and treat it as you would for the rest of the garden! Or keep an eye out for our upcoming piece of post-storm gardens!

The Greenhouse

If your greenhouse survived the storms, it’s hopefully time to start removing that bubble wrap to allow more light in, getting your flowers or crops to start to grow. Once you are sure that the last of the frosts have taken hold, make sure you get down all that insulation before you stop the sunlight from doing its job.
You might want to look at starting more of your crops now too, such as your celery, lettuce and parsley, allowing them a chance to grow before being moved to the vegetable patch.
This time of year will also see a number of garden creatures reappearing after the cold winter. Take the time to carefully check your greenhouse for signs of mice, or anywhere they can enter. Use humane traps if you are concerned for your crop.

The Flower Garden

Start to cut back and dig out any winter flowers that are past their best this month to make space for your spring growth to flourish. Make sure to carefully trim back perennials at this time to allow them to come back healthy.
You can also look at sowing hardy annuals at this time such as opium poppies, ready for a burst of colour!
If you are looking to create a wildlife garden or a mini meadow, now is the perfect time to sow a bed of wildflower seeds. When this flourishes, you’ll be amazed by the wildlife that it will attract! So why not consider a few bug hotels in the garden too!

Lush Lawns

This month you should be able to do the first mow of the year on your lawn. However, after the heavy rainfall that the last month saw, ensure that your lawn has sufficiently drained and dried out before trying to take a mower to it.
If you need to add drainage holes, take your garden fork and aim for deeper holes. Again, you need to be careful with this if the garden is already boggy. Doing this regularly in future can reduce the risk of further flooding.

If your garden has been affected by the storm and you need a little more than your standard March Maintenance, get in touch today for garden landscaping in Abingdon, or talk to us about fencing in Radley if your fence has certainly seen better days. We look forward to herding from you.

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