Lets Talk Fencing

21 Mar 2022

You may have noticed us talking about fencing more and moreover the last few months. This is sadly due to the extreme weather conditions that we have been seeing here in the UK. A number of homes were hit by storms and their gardens torn apart by winds, then flooded out immediately after. So let’s talk about why it’s so important to ensure that you get your fence replaced as soon as possible.


When it comes to our homes, one of the biggest concerns we have in modern society is their security. We put cameras up outside, we buy triple lock doors, increased security windows and make sure that everything is locked up tight when we go out or go to bed.
What about the fence?
The back of your property tends to be where many break-ins happen. Where they are out of site and less likely to get spotted. So why not increase security by investing in high-quality fencing.
Along with quality fencing, and gates, consider what you can do on the top to detour jumpers. There are a number of legal aids you can use, all of which can be found in most hardware stores. However, if you are looking for a natural deterrent, consider having a fence with a trellis at the top where thorny climbers can intertwine. Such as climbing roses. Please remember these will take time to grow in as much as you want them to.


Alongside security, privacy is a key factor in the need to have a new, quality, fence installed around your garden. For some, they are happy with small wire fencing bordering their property ad separating between two gardens, for others, privacy is key, and they would rather have a 6ft+ fence.
While you may still have windows overlooking the garden, ensuring that there are fewer ground-level eyes on you or your family in the safety of your own garden is enough privacy for most.


Our dogs are a big part of our family. We love them and cherish them like children, and would never want them to disappear. So why shouldn’t we make sure our fences are the most secure that they can be, so the furry family member is nice and safe.
While we love hedges and bushes that line the edge of the garden, they are also easy for dogs to push their way through. So as lovely as they are, are they secure enough for your dog? Particularly if you have a smaller dog.


When you have children, they are your whole world. So combine the issue of privacy and security and that’s exactly what you want when you have children.
Your garden should be a space where your children can play safely, without the risk of injury from unstable fencing, the risk of getting out through a broken fence. A place to feel safe.
You will also want a fence that can withstand anything that children throw at it. Whether that be themselves, a football, or anything that they can get their hands on. Meaning that it needs to be a strong and stable fence, expertly installed for maximum strength.

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