South Abingdon Suburban Garden Design and Build

When a low maintenance suburban garden was commissioned in South Abingdon, we had the perfect solution. The homeowner required something which was easy to maintain, would look great all year round with space for planting and an area for socialising. Using our garden design skills and practical experience we set about landscaping the rear garden area.

In connecting the building to the outdoor space, you could now step out of the house through the patio doors and onto a newly laid patio using sandstone paving in four mixed sizes to create a subtle but effective pattern and texture. Sandstone pavers are very durable and long lasting, they have a lovely warm colour and tone to create a welcoming outdoor area. This stone is porous too, allowing rainwater and snow melt to gradually seep into the ground below in a more controlled way. The gently curved cut edge led directly onto an artificial grass lawn laid level with the patio.

Artificial grass is a good option for those with busy lifestyles because unlike real grass lawns, it doesn’t require regular maintenance like watering, mowing, feeding, or trimming round the edges. It will retain its appearance through all seasons.

Either side of the garden is flanked by raised boarders using Bekstone walling in three sizes. The mix of block dimensions creates a homely informality against the symmetry and uniformity of the wooden boundary fencing.

Bekstone are a recognised manufacturer of reconstituted stone walling. A cost effective equivalent to newly quarried stone, their walling materials can be found in many towns and villages in the Cotswolds to preserve their unique and world famous appearance. With defined colour ranges to match regional variations, this product was ideal to form the hard landscaping of the raised beds. The mellow tones presenting the ideal palette upon which the planting would be staged to create interest.

At the far end of the garden we positioned a step down utility area for sitting and socialising, and a barbecue area, also in mixed sized sandstone paving, completed the design and balanced the proportions and function of the space.

Our photographs show the garden landscaping under construction and the final completed garden design once we had realised the project.

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