Rustic Pathway and Wall Brief

The approach to any house is an important outdoor feature as it generates the first impression of your home to visitors. Front gardens are on show all year round and are the public face of our homes. Everyone from family, friends, neighbours and the postman will enter through your front gate and you will literally lead them up the garden path and straight to your front door. This is a space which must fulfil several purposes; a practical and durable pathway in a welcoming zone which is clearly defined as belonging to your property, while reflecting your personality and generating kerb appeal. Research reveals that the right garden can add anywhere between five to 20 per cent to a property’s value.

With this in mind, we were commissioned to build a front boundary wall using reclaimed London bricks and a pathway using tumbled sandstone paving in three sizes. This was edged with tumbled slate paving in one size of 10 cm square.

The Landscaping Materials:

Reclaimed London Bricks – using reclaimed bricks had many benefits. These are bricks which have been previously used in other structures but have been recycled following the demolition of an old building. This is an environmentally friendly option with the bricks and blocks being cleaned and used again. Energy is saved rather than expended in the process of making new bricks. They can be sourced to match period properties. There is still a lot of Victorian terraced housing in this country, for example. Brand new bricks would look out of place, but reclaimed bricks from that era fit perfectly with the style and structure of the existing building.

Tumbled Sandstone Paving – tumbling is a process by which the sandstone pavers are artificially aged and worn. Giving an authentic appearance, the edges are rounded and worn. The surfaces appear to have been weathered so they have imperfections and a charm in keeping with older buildings. In this case, using different sized pavers was more appropriate to the hand made rustic styling of the era, rather than the perfection of 21st Century mass production. The tumbled slate edging gave a tidy finish to the clearly defined footpath.

Abingdon’s Complete Garden Services can design and implement hard landscaping solutions to gardens of buildings from all eras. We can recommend and source materials to match your property and desired outcomes to create a unique and authentic outdoor space for your home.  The rustic brick wall and pathway photograph shows the work completed by Abingdon’s Complete garden Services. Please contact us today for a quote.