June’s Job List

31 May 2021

As we enter June, we enter one of the hottest months of the year. So spending more time in the garden might be high on your priority list. But there are some things you need to keep an eye on this month, including things you should do, and others you might want to avoid doing.

All Important Water

Back in May, we mentioned how important it is that your garden still gets enough water. This is still just as vital in June. However, as the sun gets hotter and stays that way for longer, you also need to consider the time of day that you are watering your garden. Try to water your plants (and lawn) when it starts to get cooler later in the day. Early evening becomes the better option, but leaving it as late as possible, or at least after the sun goes down is ideal as it will be much cooler. (unlike winter where we encourage you to water at the warmest point of the day so it doesn’t freeze!).

Overheating Greenhouses

In the height of summer, greenhouses continue to do exactly what they were designed to do. Amplify the suns rays to heat up the inside. However, in the blazing summer sun, this means that the inside of your greenhouse can drastically overheat, thus having an adverse effect on anything inside.
You can help to combat this with the simple addition of shades to the roof. External shades work best as they stop the glass from heating up too. You can also use shade paint, which will also help to reduce the suns rays. Always remember to open windows and vents to allow fresh air in as much as possible.

Pest Control

Last month we spoke about the warmer weather causing weeds to take over, these aren’t the only pests that we need to watch out for in our gardens. From flowers to tasty fruit there are a number of pests and critters that will enjoy these as a little snack.
The most noticeable pests you will see are your slugs and snails. They can destroy half your flower bed before you’ve even realised it, invest in some pest control to help combat this. If you have pets, please seek professional help when deciding which to buy and where possible keep it wildlife friendly (those little hedgehogs are our friends).
Aphids will hide on the underside of leaves, so regularly check where you can and address it before they multiply.

Avoid It

In the beating summer sun, there are a number of things to avoid, at least until the heat starts to cool down. The first of these is planting fresh plants and flowers. The heat of the summer sun can scorch newly planted flowers, so it is best to do this after the heat dies down, and ensure sufficient water, but ideally, check the forecast and aim for a cool couple of days to allow it to settle before the heat kicks back in.
As mentioned above, avoid watering in the middle of the day, the sun can heat up the water on leaves and flower and cause more damage than good.
Don’t abandon all pruning. There are still a number of plants that can be pruned over the summer including roses, poppies and cherry trees. If you are unsure, check with your local garden centre about specific plants.

Here at Abingdon’s Complete Garden Services, we are on hand to assist you with any garden maintenance you require, from one-off tidy ups to regular and routine gardening maintenance. Please get in touch with us today to discuss your specific needs. Head back to our blogs for great gardening ideas.

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