January’s Gardening Starts Here

01 Jan 2021

Christmas is gone, the new year is here. We’ve all had a great break over the Christmas period and the reality of a new year is here, whether that means back to work, or maybe you never stopped? You might even be retired and looking for the next thing to keep you busy. So here’s what needs looking after in your garden this January.

Feeling frosty

January is often the coldest month of the year. This month you will see more frost, and the potential to lose more plants and pots increases. In the last couple of months we’ve mentioned frost protection, the start of the new year does not mean this is any less important, in fact it’s somewhat more important. Keep your at risk plants wrapped up warm where you can. Remember, on milder days, let them breathe! This will stop them getting sweaty and causing other issues. Many plants that are damaged by frost dont always recover, so keep a close eye on your plants.

New year clean up

Every year we see new year’s resolutions to clean up and lose weight. Don’t forget to extend the clean up into the garden. You might have already had a good clear out in your shed and greenhouse pre-christmas, but where you haven’t, now is a great time to get that done! Full of new year positive energy, clear out everything that’s past its best. Cracked pots, broken/rusty tools and any general rubbish that’s lying around. On mild days, giving anything that was missed before a good clean out can help you prepare for the season ahead.
During your clear out, check over any stored bulbs and seeds, any that aren’t looking too healthy might be destined for the bin before they affect any of the others.

Winter pest check

A number of overwintering pests might have appeared around the garden and in the greenhouse. Tackle these sooner rather than later to prevent any damage to your plants or new shoots. Remember to peel back any winter fleecing to ensure there’s nothing breeding inside.

Christmas tree clear out

If you had a real Christmas tree this year, it might have made its way into the garden. The big question is, what are you going to do with it? Your first option is, of course, to keep it and plant it. We all love a good evergreen so why not! Remember, your tree will need to have roots to be able to do this, a sawn off tree will not survive. Trees moved outside may not always survive, it might not be that you have done anything wrong, but prepare yourself for this. Trees grown in a container are more likely to survive as they have never had any root damage, whereas those that have been transplanted into a container may have. When you are taking your tree out of the house, where you can, try to acclimatise it in a garage or greenhouse for a few weeks, making sure that it gets plenty of water too.
When it comes to planting day, ensure that you choose a warmer and dry day. Dig your hole to slightly wider than your pot. But no deeper. Your roots should sit no deeper than they did in the pot. Saturate your roots before you remove them from the pot, this will hydrate them and make the move easier on them. Fill the remainder of the hole with as much organic mulch as possible. Ensure that the solid around your tree is kept as moist as possible until the roots have taken hold. And you have one planted tree!
If you have decided not to plant your tree, shredding up the tree and popping it in the compost allows it to become great food for your other plants.


General garden assessment

Cast your eye over the whole of your garden on a nice dry day, and you might come across some things that will need looking at. From leaves and debris in your water butt, to small weeds popping out of your soil, you’re sure to find little things that are either out of the ordinary for the time of year, or that shouldn’t be where/how they are. You know your garden better than anyone, so you’ll know what isn’t quite right.

It’s a Happy new year from us here at Abingdons! As always, we’re used to working outside in all weather conditions, so if there’s some garden maintenance that you need looking into, get in touch today, and we will see what we can do for you this January.

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