How Does Your Winter Garden Storage Measure Up?

08 Nov 2021

Every year, we throw our tools in the shed, the greenhouse, or even the garden storage boxes. But when was the last time you took a look inside properly? Have you sprung a leak? Maybe you have mice? Maybe you can’t even get inside for tools piled up at the entrance. Here are some quick checks before the heavier rains and snow takes their hold on the nation.

The Shed

Our sheds tend to be treasure troves of tools, garden furniture and anything else that has been shoved in there through the summer and autumn. But have you taken a good look around the structure of your shed lately?
Over the spring and summer, we tend to be in and out of our sheds a lot more. But this tends to only be in the drier weather. So how do we know if our shed roof has spawned a leak or two? The best way is to head in there after a bad bout of rain.
It might be as simple as your door hasn’t fully closed, there’s a gap in a wall, or your felting on the roof has started to fail. This felt can last anywhere from 10 to 20 years. However, bad weather, critters, and even their fitting can all reduce the lifespan. Replacing your felting can be a nice simple process, and far cheaper than replacing the whole shed!
While you are taking a look in your shed, you might want to consider investing in a better way to store your tools. You can purchase cupboards to keep them in, which help to reduce the moisture that gets to them, ultimately reducing the risk of rust. You can also get simple hooks that just keep them off the ground, stopping them from being in your way, or getting entwined.

The Greenhouse.

Your greenhouse should already be wrapped up red for the frost. WIth either your choice of bubble wrap or winter fleecing, helping to keep its contents safe from a bad frost.
However, if your contents are a bit of a haphazard mess, why not take the time where you have less growing to tidy it up.
Many greenhouses will have plastic pots strewn around, snippers left wide open, and plant labels where they shouldn’t be. Winter is the perfect time to get organised, ready for you to get your grow on in the spring.
Investing in simple shelves helps to keep everything neat and tidy, and offers everything a home. These shelves can be under your growing station to help with space, or even at the back of your potting station for easy to reach and in plain sight help.
Don’t forget to get yourself a large storage container for your compost or soil. This helps to keep it nice and tidy right where you need it.

Garden Storage Boxes

Garden storage boxes are fantastic pieces of furniture that most gardens would benefit from. They come in all shapes and sizes, with many suitable to pop a cushion on top and use as a seat!
However, just like the rest of our garden storage, they can end up in a bit of a mess as we throw stuff in. So why not dig it all out, making sure that everything that is in there needs to be in there.
This also means you can check for any pooling water in the bottom. This can be a sign or a crack, or a leak. Or simply that you need to ensure the lid is correctly closed.
With such a variety of garden boxes, make sure you have the right ones to suit your needs. You can get ones that you can open the side off, allowing you to roll your lawnmower straight in. And even tall, stand up ones, with hooks, for all your long-handled tools. So if you’re looking to invest, shop around!

Keeping Mice Warm And Fed

If you haven’t already had an issue with mice, count yourself lucky! However, don’t get too complacent. Get prepared for it to happen.
In the winter months, mice search for somewhere to get warm, and maybe even find food. The perfect place could just be your garden storage. Particularly if you are storing seeds, bulbs and even bird feed.
Mice will find any way they can into warm safe places. This even means chewing their way under the doors of your shed. And depending on what you keep in your shed, they can cause hundreds of pounds worth of damage. Sound like we’re talking from experience? That’s because we are.
Ignoring the fact that your shed door has a slight gap at the base might seem okay at the time. But when you get to spring and pull out the camping gear and find a few things chewed to shreds and mice droppings everywhere, we can assure you that you will be kicking yourself for not addressing it sooner.
So make sure all your garden storage is as sealed up as possible, with additional deterrents in place, such as metal plates at the base of the door, to stop them chewing through.
We also recommend that all seed and bird food goes into sealed containers off the floor. While they can chew through plastic, and climb shelving, it might reduce the scent, meaning they leave it alone.

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