Hedges, Bushes And Shrubs

07 Jun 2021

Different gardens have different styles, and likewise, their owner will have their own unique style. From the straight lines of the fences edge, to the softer edges of a hedge each garden perimeter can look completely different. If you love hedges, bushes and shrubs why not make the most of them in and around your garden.

The Best For Perimeter

With so many different styles of hedge, bush and shrub on the market, which is the best to give you the perfect perimeter. For many, the best option here is a good dense hedge.
Evergreen hedges make for the best perimeter as you do not get that winter-bareness that you might get with a selection of other hedges. Some hedging plants even feature a flower, berry or blossom at certain times of the year, just to break up the greenery. Head to your local garden centre to get a good visual before you look at surrounding your whole garden.
If you are starting your perimeter hedge from scratch, be aware that it will take time to grow into the stunning thick hedge that you are looking for. Depending on the plant you select will also alter how far apart you will need to plant each one, so make sure you do your research, too close will see them fighting for space (both above and below ground) and too far apart could see you with gaps in your hedge.

Maintaining Your Perimeter

The biggest downside to having a living perimeter to your garden is the regular upkeep needed to keep it under control. When it is first planted, very little will need to be done to allow it to grow and intertwine to the size and shape that you wish for it to be.
After your perimeter is settled in and ready to be shaped, the easiest way to get a clean sweeping line is using an electric (or petrol) hedge trimmer. Regular trims will mean that you do not have to take too much off at a time and the outer edges will remain green rather than taken back to the branch.

Using Shrubs In The Garden

Shrubs are a great addition to any garden. They can add year-round colour, add a spot of height to an otherwise flat space, be used as a means of partitioning off your garden and even add shape.
There are many conflicting pieces of information on the internet telling you how to and not to use shrubs in your garden. This just goes to show that it all comes down to personal choice and even experience.
The best advice when it comes to adding shrubs to your garden is to do your research and look at where they can thrive in your garden. As there are so many different varieties, some grow taller, others wider, some stay relatively small, some need plenty of sun, others plenty of water. You can either buy a shrub to match a specif space you had in mind, or match the space to the shrub. Pay attention to the surrounding plants as some can get lost or overpowered by larger shrubs.

For more information on hedges, shrubs and bushes, and where to use them in your garden please speak to a member of our friendly team who will be happy to assist you. If you are considering a new perimeter but aren’t too sure about doing it yourself, please get in touch today and we will be happy to discuss this with you.

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