Property Maintenance in Abingdon

Have You Recently Moved Home in Abingdon?

08 Apr 2022

If you have recently moved home, you’ve possibly moved in and found that there are a number of small things around the home that require a little TLC in order to get your new home as great as it can be!

Property Maintenance In Abingdon

Our team may be small, but they have a wealth of knowledge across a range of areas around the home. From plumbing to electrics, building work to drywall, and even down to decorating, the team are on hand to help.


One of the biggest jobs, when you move into your new home, is decorating to suit your own style. The house may already be beautifully decorated, however, whatever the decoration is that’s currently in there, it will never be your own. So why not redecorate every room to suit you!
Whether you decided to go for the whole shebang and redecorate all at once, or you want to go through the rooms one by one, it can be a big job. Particularly if you don’t enjoy it.
For an expert finish, our team can complete as much of the work for you as you like, as and when you like.


Did you know that a single dripping tap can increase your water bill by over £100 a year? While it doesn’t seem like much, if you have two, or even three, it soon mounts up.
Sometimes this can be a simple quick fix where a few bits need tightening up. It could also be a sign of something more serious is happening with your pipework. All of our plumbers are fully certified to ensure that every job is done to the highest of standards, but at a fraction of the price of larger plumbing companies.


Drywall is typically used instead of plaster thanks to its properties which means it doesn’t crack. However, these properties cannot stop it from having chips, dents and holes. These, of course, are particularly noticeable when you have moved into a new home and the previous occupant’s furniture has hidden them.
Here at Abingdons, we can help to repair or replace damaged drywall, allowing you to move in, with a nice fresh finish and no need to hide imperfections!

Don’t Forget The Garden

Of course, you want to ensure that the house itself is perfect for when you move in. However, you cant forget about the garden too! When you have just brought your property, there is no better time to consider landscape gardening in Abingdon. Working with you we can help gather a garden design, ready to tear out the existing garden and create a new space, ready for you and your family. We also love fresh patios in Radley.

For more information on property maintenance in Abingdon, get in contact with the team today who will be happy to assist you.

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