Gardening In The Warm August Sun

02 Aug 2021

Another month has passed by so now it’s time to look ahead at the gardening jobs for August. With some very mixed weather over July, you might find that your garden isn’t at the same stages we would typically see. So please remember to make adjustments to how mature your garden is this month!

Summer Gardening Reminders

We start by reminding you of a few of the typical gardening tasks that you should be doing across summer.
Remember to regularly water your lawn and plants, particularly if it has been a long hot, dry day. Wait until the weather has cooled down before your water your garden.
Top up birdbaths and bird feeders to ensure that birds don’t need to work too hard in the heat.
Keep an eye on pond water levels and top up as necessary.
Keep on top of weeds to ensure that they do not take over flower beds and pots.

Summer Pruning

Many summer flowering plants will have already displayed their best flowers. Leaving many flowers starting to die off. Now is the perfect time to make a start on your deadheading. By removing the flower heads that have already gone or are on their way out you make space and offer more nutrients to new buds that might be coming through.
For flowers, like lilies, that have finished flowering, removing dead heads and trimming back where needed ensures good growth for the next year.
Trimming back herbs at this stage can help to promote healthy growth ready to be harvested before the frost hits.

Final Summer Trim

Your hedges will start to slow down their growth as we hit the end of summer. This makes the end of August the ideal time to trim your hedges back for the autumn and winter. As the weather has been so unpredictable this year, you might find yourself making the odd trim here and there after this month. But it should the final big trim, so ensure that you get a shape that you are happy with over the winter.

Pest Control

While we may be feeling the heat, little pests sure are thriving! Keep an eye out across your garden for any signs of pests. From slug chewed leaves to aphids hiding under leaves, there are many signs you can look out for. Check out our article on Pest Control In our Garden for more information.

Prepare For Next Year

There are a number of things you can do this month to prepare your garden for next year. Firstly, take a number of pictures of your garden so that you know where everything has grown this year. That will help you to plan your garden, and help knowing where to expect certain flowers to grow back through.
When you are scouting your borders for flowers to deadhead, you might want to keep an eye out for seeds you can collect. Ensure you keep them in a dry place until you are ready to plant them for next year.

If you require any assistance with your garden this month, or you are looking for regular garden maintenance, please get in touch with a member of our team today who will be happy to discuss your needs. If August means time to look at a garden overhaul, why not consider garden landscaping.

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