Garden Fencing in Radley

Garden Fencing Options for Outdoor Spaces

19 Jun 2019

Garden fencing is a crucial factor of garden design and landscaping. Fences serve many purposes within our outdoor spaces. They define the boundary between our garden and that of our neighbours. A fence makes a garden a safe place for children and pets to play, explore and run around freely. They afford an element of privacy by acting as screening, or they can be used to divide up a space and create different zones within a garden.

Garden Fencing in Radley and Abingdon

There are many options of fencing on the market, so it is important to choose the right one based on your intended use, materials, styling and budget.

Fencing comes in a variety of options:

Close board or Feather Board Fencing gets its strength from vertical overlapping wooden boards. This offers good privacy and is a durable type of fencing often found surrounding back gardens. It creates a neat and tidy boundary and acts as a good wind break for plants.

A slightly less durable option is Larch Lap panel fencing. If buffeted by high winds they can become damaged. But presents a good option for back gardens if you are working to a smaller budget. The life of this type of fencing can be prolonged by regular treatments available from your local home and garden store.

Hurdles are sections of woven fencing typically consisting of willow and hazel. Some panels are framed for extra strength. This is a great environmentally friendly option as this type of fencing is coppiced, meaning that only the new branch growth is cut. They can be left untreated and will age beautifully to a subtle grey tone. Perfect if you are looking for fencing with a traditional feel and character.

Picket fencing is a traditional styled fence with angled tops. Commonly used on the front of a property, this doesn’t afford much privacy but looks very attractive and makes the exterior of a home look very appealing. This is very much a decorative choice but it isn’t as secure as other options.

Opting for a horizontal slatted fence is a very contemporary styled solution. It can give the illusion of your garden space looking greater in length. Those with a semi solid appearance allows air to pass through while it is substantial enough to afford good privacy and security.

Garden Fencing and Landscaping from Abingdon’s Complete Garden Services

Abingdon’s Complete Garden Services can install any type of fencing in Radley and Abingdon areas. Whether you are looking for something to define your boundary or act as delicate screening within your garden we have the answer and can expertly erect any fences you require. Contact us today for further details.

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