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Garden Design In 2022

17 Jan 2022

As we enter 2022, there are many people hoping that this is the year that we wave goodbye to the global pandemic, and welcome more and more people back into our homes and gardens. But what if your garden is your biggest source of house-barisment? It might be time to consider a complete new garden design!

Small Gardens

We find that many people who have smaller gardens don’t see how a garden design can have a worthwhile impact on their smaller space. However, these gardens are the ones where the impact is the most noticeable once the work is done.
Smaller gardens have the potential to be whatever you want them to be. From nice, easy to maintain spaces, to more intricate designs that extend high above ground level.
If you are a plant and flower lover in a smaller garden, tall gardens might be perfect for you. From living walls to built-up planters and even just a full ground of flowers, with small walkways throughout. So check out Garden Design Abingdon for a great new small garden design.

Larger Spaces

If you have a vast space as your garden, you might get overwhelmed when considering what you want to do with the space. Or you might have some great ideas but aren’t too sure how to get them all together. That’s where an experienced garden designer can come in and help you to get the garden of your dreams.
With long gardens, one of the best ways to get the most of your space is to separate it into sections. These sections can include a vegetable garden, a patio area, a nice fresh lawn, and even a wildlife and wildflower garden!
A larger space allows you to include a wide variety of ideas and can be left as high or low maintenance as you need it to be. But pulling all your ideas together is no mean feat. To include all the plants you want, taking into consideration the soils, the amount of sunlight and proximity to other plants, trees and structures takes careful planning. The team at Abingdons have many years of experience of what works well together and what certain plants require in order to thrive. So let us take over your garden, and leave you with a completely new space to call your own.

Entertainment Space

No matter what size your garden is, many of us will want a space where we can entertain. Whether this includes a space for a BBQ, or just to have a nice garden furniture set. When considering your garden design, it is important to consider where your entertainment space will go.
For many, they will opt to have this either against the house, or at the very end of the garden. Whichever you decide, you’ll want to ensure it’s the right space for you.
The most common entertainment space is a patio. The level ground allows for BBQ’s to be erected well, tables to be set up where drinks won’t spill.
There are a vast array of options for your patio, from plain or patterned slabs to a pre-designed patio with a design on it. Each one offers its own wonderful finish, depending on the style you are looking for.
Alternatively, we are seeing an increase in gravel entertainment areas. So as not to worry about your BBQ area, a brick BBQ area or a built-in BBQ is possible! And most tables will bed in nicely to the gravel, and providing the ground underneath is level, the table should be too.
With gravel, you have the ability to have a selection of colours and styles, such as the common Cotswold stone, plum slate, or even red granite, amongst others.

If you are interested in garden design, or landscape gardening in Abingdon, please contact a member of our team today who will be happy to assist you.

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