Garden Design to Encourage Wildlife

Garden Design to Attract Wildlife into Your Garden

09 Aug 2019

Garden design with an environmentally conscious approach can turn our outdoor spaces into a haven for wildlife. Where habitats in the UK have been in decline. The UK has lost 97% of its grassland and wildflower meadows since the 1930’s. Creating a border of traditional wildflowers alongside a pathway, or even opting to turn a lawn into a mini wild flower meadow can help to preserve many endangered species, increase visiting butterflies and insects and other animals. It will also look fantastic too!

Garden Design Elements for Wildlife

Thinking about garden design elements which can be included in any space to attract wildlife. The following should be considered:

Nesting Boxes – a haven for birds (or bats) to shelter and bring up their young. Make sure they’re up before Spring and in time for the breeding season.

Bird Feeder – this isn’t just for Winter. Hang a bird feeder to encourage our native species to stay in your garden for longer. Having something raised off the ground from a branch means they can feed away from predators.

Bird Table and Bath – like the feeder this is a useful feeding platform away from predators and bird baths provide a source of water for drinking and washing.

Create a bug hotel – You can either buy one ready made or have a multi storey sheltered platform with groups of hollow bamboo canes, natural materials like grass, straw, and tree bark. All of which encourage important insects and creepy crawlies to make your garden home. Which in turn benefits other birds, mammals and amphibians.

Water Features and Ponds – water in a garden attracts all kinds of life from small larvae and insects to frogs and mammals. It can become a relaxing focal point for you and of great importance to the ecosystem of your garden.

Wild Areas – letting a small area grow wild creates shelter and allows a wider diversity of plant life to thrive. Including small piles of bark or a small stack of wood nearby encourages wildlife variety.

Hedges – Like the wild areas; hedges are a natural shelter. They are also a corridor for the movement of wildlife between gardens as well as providing us with greenery and privacy.

Wildlife needs four things to thrive in your garden – food, water, shelter and a place to breed. Incorporating these factors, or just a few of them into your outdoor area will reap wildlife dividends!

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