Garden Checklist For February 2020

Your Garden Checklist For February

03 Feb 2020

February has arrived. And while it may still be a bit wet, grey and wintry out there, you may have noticed your gardens begin to stir. Daffodils, snowdrops and hellebore will shortly be making an appearance, which is heartening because it means spring, and new beginnings, are on the way.

So, what is to be done in the garden in February? Following on from our January tasks, you may still be catching up on tidying borders, cleaning pots and readying your work space for the new season. There’s also a whole host of things to be done in preparation this month, and you’ll probably be pleased to know you can start getting your fingers dirty (or should we say green?) too.

February Garden Checklist

To start, it’s best to get all the general housekeeping and tidying jobs out of the way. And that starts with…

Tidy up

  • If you have any deciduous ornamental grasses still standing, now is the time to cut them down in readiness for new shoots.
  • Prune late-flowering clematis. For large-flowered cultivars that bloomed from May to June and mid-to-late summer flowering clematis, cut back the stems to healthy buds, about 30cm from the base.
  • For winter-blooming shrubs that have finished flowering, February is the time to prune them and give them a tidy up.

In the greenhouse

  • Now your pots are nice and clean, you can sow sweet peas. Be sure to use deep pots, and ensure they’re kept safe from frost in your greenhouse.
  • Wash the windows of your greenhouse both inside and out to let light in.

In the garden

  • Give your soil a refresh by adding some garden compost or manure to beds. Fork it over to loosen up any compacted areas, and aerate the soil.
  • Remove any fallen leaves and plant debris from your pond.
  • Give your lawn mower and any other tools a once over to ensure they’re ready for spring.
  • Refresh your stock of canes and plant supports.

Garden Maintenance in February

What are you up to in your garden this February? Have we missed anything? We find this month is all about putting preparations in place for planting in the spring and, eventually, the growing season. While it may not be the most glamorous, it’s certainly an important time for you garden!

If you’re struggling for time or need some help in getting sorted in time for spring, our team at Abingdon’s Complete Garden Services can help. Our Garden Maintenance packages for residents in Oxfordshire include a range of services including grass cutting, hedge trimming, pruning, plant bedding, and even site clearances. To find out more, contact us today.

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