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Fix Up Your Fencing This Autumn

25 Aug 2020

Has the long hot summer taken its toll on your fencing?
Has your fencing taken a beating from the roaring winds?
Is your fencing starting to look tired?
Time to fix up your fencing ready for the autumn and winter months ahead.

Why change your fencing at the end of summer?

So, you may be asking why would you recommend changing your fencing just before the bad weather is due to start? Well, that would be the answer to your question.
If your fencing has started to look a little old and worn, and is no longer weather protected, it can start to rapidly deteriorate during winter. We’ve all experienced an older fence panel breaking free in the wind,or a slat in an old fence falling off in the rain. This time of year is perfect to treat your garden to a new, weather treated, fence.
All fences that are fitted by Abingdons are weather treated, letting you enjoy a better looking fence for longer.

Protection factor

We’ve already mentioned the increased risk of an old fence blowing out, or parts falling off. So what about the protection for your garden. Other than your house, your fence provides the best protection to your garden from the elements. From sheltering the flowers from the wind, to reducing the impact of driving rain, your fence stands up to more than you first realised.

Shaping up a new garden look

Now, when we say fencing, we don’t just mean the one that goes around the perimeter of your garden! More and more people are opting to separate their garden into segments. Whether this is to create a secret garden, or a separate vegetable garden, a great and simple way to create that separation is to pop in a fence. You may not want a 6 foot fence, but there are other heights, and now there are some great looking fences available.

Wanting new fencing but the garden looks tired too?

If you’ve sat outside over summer and thought that your garden needs a little TLC, or that you want a bit of a change we’re here for you. We know that gardening isn’t as much of a passion for others as it is for us. That’s why we offer both a complete landscape design service and a garden maintenance service.
For a complete overhaul of your space you can check out our landscape design page for a few ideas. We’ll be happy to work around a plan or idea you already have, or we can discuss an entirely new look from scratch.
If you’re already happy with your garden, but don’t enjoy the maintenance aspect, our garden maintenance service is here for you. From simple tasks like mowing the lawn a little bit of weeding and hedge trimming. A quick conversation can help us to determine your needs so contact us today, leaving you free to do whatever you enjoy.

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